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Radom Thoughts on Tuesday 6/17/2014

016Anything and almost everything worthwhile takes time and effort to obtain. There is no such thing as a quick fix or at least one that is permanent or truly effective.  When it comes to life we seems to seek out the easiest path to follow and leave ourselves wondering why our life isn’t how we want it to be. Well taking the path of least resistance usually leaves one wanting and lacking in their life.  The reason we wind up wanting or lacking is we were being followers and being such we were left the crumbs left behind by those ahead of us.

To follow is fine if you don’t mind being left behind or constantly changing direction every time a leader does or a new leader comes by.  It’s best to lead your own life, we are meant to be our own navigators in life. Plus if you are going to pay for mistakes or reap rewards from them, wouldn’t you rather do so because you chose the path that lead you there and not because you followed someone blindly out of convenience?

Don’t get me wrong there will be times you will follow because you happen to share the same path, just never follow blindly, always be aware of the course as well as the destination. Take charge of your own life and take responsibility for the choices you make. And always remember nothing is for free, there is always a price to pay and that even if you follow you are responsible for the path your taking.

Time to step away from the character I have played

rayrayd_edited-1To much self, not enough of everybody else. Too much of ego for most of us to let go. Me, myself and I are in the way and it makes me blind. Blind of the truth around me and the connection we all have to everything. Too much worry, anger and paranoia within the self-centered man I seem to be and its time to put him aside for the  person who I truly am.

Time to return to who I was as a child, to the person I am hidden beneath the conditioning of society and the scars of life. Remember the lessons learned and let go of the pain and confusion we accumulated through the years. Too much mental and emotional garbage we have collected through life experiences.  Time to empty my inner recycle bin and go about my way free of such useless and painful thoughts and/or emotions. Free of such things.

Each morning I awake is but a new blank page for me to fill with my life’s journey, yet another day to grow and change. The pages written on the days prior are but the history of which choices I made and directions I have taken. Though I can not change where I have been or what I have done I still can change direction and my destination.

Time to return to who I was meant to be and let go of the egotistical side of me. Time to become who I was meant to be and not what this world has tried to make me into. Time to change my direction and my desired destination. Time to set Goals that are true to who I am and not those that society dictates is normal and desirable. Time to let go of what I am expected to be by others and be who I truly am.

Time to be who God created me to be and time to step away from the character I have played in this worlds masquerade. Time to be set free, time to accept what has been given to me.

 We spend so much time trying to be what others expect us to be we lose the person we truly are. Sometimes we seek out the treasures of this world forgetting where or true treasures lay.

Ray Barbier

Just Some Random thoughts on a Saturday Night 3/15/14

HPIM0318It is not how others treat you that is important, it is how you treat others and your own self. We tend to get so caught up in the drama of how we are not being treated fairly or kindly we overlook how we are treating others and sometimes ourselves. We allow our ego to become the center of attention and thus we tend to put such things as our own behavior and mental attitudes on the back burner. We can not change the way others think of us directly nor how they treat us except by setting example and possible changing our own behavior and mentality.

So the question is, if we change our focus to how we treat others and away from the worry of how they treat us will that create change in general on how we treat each other? Well more than likely yes and it has to start somewhere and why not with ourselves.

Just Some Random thoughts on a Saturday Night

Raymond Barbier

have love as well as compassion towards one another.

017See that person next to you? they too have feelings, they also have struggles in life and they have as much importance as you do in the universe. Step outside your “Me, Myself and I” box and realize you are not alone nor are you the center of the universe anymore so than the guy or gal next to you.  Even those élite socialites and so-called alpha males and females that strut around as if they were superior, they too are your equals. They just live in a fantasy where they believe they are better in one fashion or another. The only difference between them and the rest of us is either good circumstances, random chance and of course probably some hard work or positive thinking and a lot of right choices.

Positive attitude plays a big part in both our self-image and self-esteem which in turn helps set the course of our life path.  How we perceive and how we treat others plays a big part in it all as well, if we know in the grand scheme of things we all have the same worth and that neither one or another is greater than the other, we then see people for who and what they truly are.  So the next time you see a beggar or a wealthy person see them as they are, just human beings trying to survive and trying to do so as best they can.  No malice should be aimed toward either and both should be subject to the same amount of love and basic respect that all living creatures deserve.

I have known both beggars and wealthy people in my life and they are pretty much the same far as wants, needs and basic desires. They both want to have their needs of food, lodging and the basic necessities, they both long to be accepted, loved and to be happy in their existence. The only real difference is what hand they were dealt in life and how they played the game.

The true riches of life are things like family, love,friendship and being happy with the blessings you have. To have peace within and finding contentment within ones life is the truest form or wealth. Possessions  tend to eventually possess the beholder and so it seems so does wealth. Greed and Envy drive the economies of the modern world more so than our needs.

So greet each other as equals and have love as well as compassion towards one another. For we are all part of the massive family we call human kind. Put greed and envy in the Trash Bin where it belongs and live life in the fullest. Be yourself and accept others for who they are.

Raymond Barbier

The Inner Realm, The Place In Between (continued) (2)

It has been a month since that odd dream Jeff had and it had become a distant memory. Jeff comes home from his long day at work feeling a bit more tired than usual. He starts a fire in his fireplace and sits down in his favorite worn out recliner beside the fire. Jeff Slowly drifts off into sleep as he watches the flames dance as he listens to the hypnotic and soothing cracking sounds from the fireplace.  As his eyes slowly shut and he drifts off he hears the laughter of that almost forgotten old man from that dream from a month before. He finds himself sitting on the ground in front of that same campfire across from that old man Verum Peto. The old man looks at Jeff and smiles then says” I see you finally woke up again”.

Jeff not knowing how to take that statement or how to reply sits quietly looking at the campfire trying to figure out how it got here again.  Verum sees that Jeff is still bewildered by it all so he explains to Jeff how that this is more than just a dream, that is the place between conscious and subconscious, the place between the physical and the spiritual  dimensions. “Jeff this is the place between all that you know and all that makes it all come into existence. This is the realm of thought, dreams and the border lands to both your physical dimension and the dimension of spiritual or the metaphysical plane. This place has been called many things but the Tibetans came closest with what they call the Bardo plane.

Of course I am referring to the Milam Bardo, the entrance to the in-between state or dimension when one enters the dream state. They hit it pretty much on the head with the Milam Bardo. Pretty much in a nut shell Jeff you are in the white space in-between heaven and earth.”

The old man Verum then hands Jeff a cup of hot cocoa and gently smiles at him. Jeff still trying to grasp and take in all that Verum said just sits silently sipping his cocoa. Just as Jeff takes his last sip of cocoa Verum turns to him and says “It isnt quite time for you to truly awaken yet” and with that said, Jeff sits up quickly and sees he has returned to his old battered recliner by the fireplace and wonders once again if it all was but a dream.

<to be Continued>

You and you alone are responsible for your actions

viddark2SMALLYou can make your own choices and decisions or you can be a victim to the will and desires of others. Even when you surrender to the will of others you are responsible for the outcome of your life and behavior. You and you alone are responsible for your actions, words and the influence you have on the world you live in.

charie4The only will I would surrender mine to is that of our creator and his son, for they wouldn’t lead me astray. But even when you surrender your will to God’s you still can choose things wrongly because your own will still exists within you and tends to try to take control from time to time. This is why you should be ever aware of your actions and words so you do not make poor choices that influence or affect you or others negatively.


Regardless of your religious / spiritual beliefs or if you even believe or not, you are responsible for your own actions and words. Therefore you will pay in one form or another for all that you do within your life.  Life has a funny way of bringing back to you the fruits of your labor, the things you do will come back to haunt or to reward you within your lifetime.

Just some Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Ray Barbier

Compassion, love , kindheartedness and fellowship are the keys

012Sometimes words flow like a waterfall from mind to fingertips and other times  they trickle or even stop flowing. Sometimes I know what to write other times I just wing it as I type out the words. I do not get any monetary gain from my writing but I get great satisfaction when someone reads my posts and/ or likes them. Writing is therapeutic and is a path to self discovery and has proven to help reduce stress. I am happy just to write a post from my heart for free . So if my post is incorrect or if you disagree with it I welcome your comments, criticisms and compliments as well. For it is all a learning process to me and one I pray will never end.

I am a Christian but I support the right for everyone to choose their own spiritual path in life. For we all must make our own choices when it comes to religion and I believe we all have the right to follow the religion and/or doctrine of our choice. I do not let the differences in beliefs sway me from making friends and sharing ideas. I support change but I do not support violence as a catalyst to change. I understand sometimes there is no other choice other than violence but I believe it should always be the very last option on the table. I believe we are here to learn how to live together in peace and also to learn how to love one another unconditionally. Compassion, love , kindheartedness and fellowship are the keys to a brighter and better world.

Sometimes Random thoughts contain facets of truth and wisdom if one can read between the lines.

Ray Barbier

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Discipline of the mind will in turn help discipline the heart and soul.

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We can be slaves to our desires as well as the pleasures we seek. We also can be slaves to our emotions. We can be the master or the slave when it comes to desire, pleasure and emotion. If we choose to be the master over them they serve us and we are at peace and can find inner serenity. But if we choose to be a slave then we are at their mercy and have a very unstable life that usually is chaotic and full of woes. Even the so called positive emotions can be problematic if we allow them to be in control. They tend to cloud our judgment and create a illusionary feeling of happiness that eventually leads to disappointment in the end. Take the emotion love for instance, If you allow yourself to fall in love at the drop of a hat it either causes problems in your current relationship if your in one or it leaves you wanting every person you find remotely attractive, which will also create an uncertainty within you that only leads to loneliness in the end.

I have seen so many times where a guy or girl goes from one love to the next and as soon as they find a new one they are looking for or at another. That kind of life may have some appeal to it but in the end you wind up lonely and misjudged by people around you. Sometimes I think people like that come about from the misconception there is a perfect soul mate out there. A perfect soul mate is not something you find its something that is created after years of work between the partners. Sure there are soul mates, they will not be perfect but they will be what you need and want. They will be your best friend, lover, teacher, student and all around buddy. They will have flaws and will even be annoying at times. That is until you and the soul mate fully discover each other emotionally and spiritually. Then they morph into the perfect soul mate and you will be theirs.

But harmony between mates is hard to obtain if one or both of you are slaves to your emotions, desires or pleasures. You have to somewhat master those things in order to obtain a great life and great relationships. The body, mind and soul all crave balance and discipline, they thrive in that kind of environment. One of the obstacles in the way of being the master of your emotions and desires is the ego. If a persons ego is too big it hinders all positive progress of the mind and spirit which in turn will cause stress on the body. Self discipline is a very important key to ones spiritual, mental and physical health. The imbalance and lack of discipline in any of the three will affect the other two.The body, mind and spirit are always talked about like they are three separate things, they may be but they are like one for one always affect the other two They are all interconnected and because those three are like one is why we are the unique species we are.

For those who are in a relationship and still seek your soul mate just know the one your with more than likely is the one. You and your mate must work together and communicate with each other so that you can be the perfect soul mates for each other. Forgiveness, compromise and compassion is required in all relationships and most important is the need for unconditional love. Far as being the master or the slave of your emotions and desires, you know which path is the better of the two and you are the only one who can take control of them. Discipline of the mind will in turn help discipline the heart and soul, which will lead to the mastery of your emotions.

Love unconditionally but do not throw you love away on those who will never return it.
Have compassion for all living things and do not forget to have a little self compassion as well.

Raymond Barbier

We should embrace them but only for the moment they exist.

097 Truth can be com from the mouths of babes, fools, your allies as well as the mouths of your enemies. Wisdom can be found in observation of all things around you and within you.  Emotions such as anger, fear, self-pity and arrogance seem to cloud ones mind from truth and wisdom as well as shut down the logical part of the mind. Rarely does one find truth or wisdom while experiencing the negative emotions. Too much of a positive emotion also can distract one from the truth around them. We should avoid negative emotions and thoughts as much as we can but we also should keep all emotions tempered for too much of a good thing can be bad. I am not saying don’t be happy, I am just saying don’t allow your happiness to distract you from your life path. Strange thing about emotions both the negative and positive is they can be like drugs, they can become addictive. This would cause our focus to be on the emotion we seek and not on the path we walk. Emotions are good and have many purposes that they fulfill in our lives, we should embrace them but only for the moment they exist. We should never allow ourselves to become obsessed with or addicted to them.

“If the grass seems greener on the other side of the fence, Then you must have not cared for your own lawn.”

Raymond Barbier
A fool seeking to be a sage

The tug of war between the ego and the spirit

002In life we seem to have so many challenges to face and obstacles to overcome. Without adversity and or the challenges in our life our minds and souls would become like a stagnant pool of water. Without having some kind of disturbance or motion water becomes foul over time and when we are unchallenged in life we too become somewhat foul. Foul in the sense we have no personal growth nor any motivation to move forward or to better ourselves. Even those on the path towards enlightenment and well as those that reach it there is always some kind of challenge or adversity to face. Enlightenment does not mean life can not or will not throw at you the challenges and obstacles of life it just means you are more aware of the whole process and that you have the knowledge / wisdom to deal with them. Of course you may outgrow and get to the point many of the challenges are no longer a part of your life but newer ones will appear to replace them. You are given challenges and adversities to face that are of your level not ones below or above your present level. God will not put upon you anything that you are not able to overcome or deal with in time. Sometimes the challenges you face may seem to much for you to handle but those are the ones meant to help you grow both spiritually and mentally. Life’s adversities and its challenges build character and skills . They also teach us the lessons we need to learn as well as help guide us toward a closer relationship with God.

To follow the path of enlightenment, righteousness and piety are all spiritual paths towards spiritual growth. Any path that is selfish or is for the ego/I is one towards the carnal and degrades the spirit. If you pay attention most of what religions call evil or sinful deal with the selfish nature of the ego such as greed, lust, envy and apathy. Then on the other end of the scale such as good and or righteous is the selfless acts and compassionate nature or charity, love, brotherhood and forgiveness. Seems one focuses on the self and distracts one from both their spiritual growth as well as from the needs of others. While the other focuses on the well-being of others and promotes spiritual growth. The tug of war between the ego and the spirit is one that we must face throughout our physical existence.

Just some thoughts for today

Peace and Love be with you all.

Raymond Barbier