Well we all are all off on a new journey with a new Captain at the wheel.

My prayers go out to him and his family and for a good term in office.

About time we had a African American President, Now I am waiting for a female or American Indian President Next.  Being The U.S. is the great melting pot it is a bit sad it took so long to open up the most esteemed and powerful position in our country to all races and genders. I guess fear,racism and sexism are hard to grow out of. we still seem as a species to be in our young teens and have a long way to go.


Change is coming if we like it or not. Change in political and planetary climate and more. Seems the only thing remembered from the 60’s was the music sex and drugs, not the importance of love. O.K. I am a bit of a Hippie at heart I guess lol. Well till next time



Jamendo a good Music Site

Creative Commons Licensing,

Thanks to CC we have a large selection of Music, Video and other Medias to choose from.

We can Mix, Transmit, share and copy a lot of the cc content, depending on the cc license on the material of course. One of the greatest music sites has sprung up in the midst of the creative commons revolution and it is Jamendo. At Jamendo artists can have a place to share their creations with the large listener community as well as the listener can download and enjoy a wide variety of music styles and genres. Another plus at Jamendo is the fact that it’s a multi lingual site with music to match. Great artists from all around the world have their music on Jamendo and more are joining every day. The best part is that Jamendo is completely free.


You can also listen to some of the artists found on Jamendo on RJB-Radio

The Internet Archive

Have you ever looked for public domain videos or music files? Well if you have I found a pretty good site to get them from.

The Internet Archive has tons of Movies, TV shows, TV commercials, music and audio for you to choose from most of them being public domain.

Some examples are The Beverly Hillbillies, Petticoat Junction, Andy Griffith Show, The night of the living dead and Hercules (Movie).

The Internet Archive is basically a digital library of anything that can be in digital form and best of all it is free.

Visit the Internet Archive @