Thoughts on Forgiveness

Good Shephard

Self Forgiveness is one of the most important steps to happiness, to face the mistakes and wrong doings in one’s life is something we all must do. To look back upon those mistakes and to accept the responsibility of our actions.  Once we accept responsibility we must learn from those mistakes and/or wrong doings and forgive ourselves as well as move forward. To make mistakes and to make poor choices in our life is what humans do to learn and to evolve mentally if not spiritually.  As long as we learn from the mistakes and feel some remorse for the things we have done then it is time to forgive and forget so we can move forward in life.

From a Christian point of view we are forgiven our sins through the grace of Jesus but if we can not forgive ourselves or others how are we to expect such grace from the heavens?  If you believe in Christianity and the blood of Christ then you must forgive both yourself and others. Jesus taught forgiveness and compassion so we could learn the way to salvation. He would have not wasted his time teaching the lessons he did if they were not of importance. His death and resurrection were to be an example of how grand the love of god is as well as how important we all are as a species.

Forgiveness, Compassion and Love are universal and apply to both the one who gives them as well as the those who receive. Learn to forgive and not to repeat the same mistakes as well as teach others to do the same.


Well enough of my Babbling for now,Peace and Love be your guide through this world of chaos.

Ray Barbier

Good old days and the here and now.

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I listen and read about how every one misses the good old days, back when crime was low and the streets were pretty safe. back when neighbors knew each other and watched out for one another. Back when the word community meant a town that worked together for the common good of all who lived there. Those days may be gone, but it does not mean they can not ever return. We chose to become distant from our neighbors and chose to become less active and interested in our communities. The crime rate is one thing that was a result of the lack of community effort as well as lack of neighborhood interaction.

The loss of the closeness of neighbors striped away the network of communication and the concern for each other allowing crime to enter in without anyone or anything to stop it. We used to call the police or our neighbor when we saw a strange car driving and parking near their house. We also used to watch over the children in the neighborhood to make sure they didn’t get hurt or any trouble. We have become apathetic and blind to what is going on around us unless it involves our own property and family. This gives the criminals an easy way in to the neighborhood and allows crime to grow unchecked.

When I was a child I knew at least 30% of the neighbors on my street and my parents knew over half of them. If I were to had been hurt, harassed or even kidnapped more and likely my parents or the police would have known almost instantly. We all cared about the safety and wellbeing of all our neighbors, even the ones we didn’t like that much.

We can recapture a lot of the things we had in the good old days though the innocence we all had back then is forever lost. A neighborhood who are as a community and band together for the good of each other is a neighborhood that creates an unattractive environment for  crime and criminals. For when we band together we are harder to intimidate and we are strong enough to overcome fear. Alone we are potential victims and together we are a potential threat to criminals. Plus being friends with your neighbors makes for a happier environment for both you and your children to live in.

Basically we may bot be able to go back to the good old days but we can create a good days for ourselves and our families to live in here and now. The choice is ours and has always been ours to choose.

Raymond Barbier