Random Thoughts 11-21-2015

One can walk through life-like they are asleep and miss out on all the wonderful things life contains. So many walk through life on automatic pilot and let chance and the will of others direct their lives. I wonder how many visionaries, ambassadors of change and peace we have missed out on because they were sleep walking through life. The fact that happy, friendly and kind people are either ignored or passed up due to this worlds love for the strong and aggressive types doesn’t help matters much. The illusion of one person being greater or superior than another also plays a big part in the suppression of the good-hearted and the dreamers of our age.

Very little can be solved through might and aggression, if peace is achieved through aggression is will be short-lived thing. The greatest victory is the winning of the hearts and minds of the people, If you find a common thread between you and the opposition you can build a bridge of trust and find ways around you differences. Of course this requires effort and the desire for resolution between both parties. Compromises may have to be made, but this can be done in a way which both sides benefit. Peace is always beneficial to all parties involved, no one wants pain and suffering of their own people or the innocent and peace brings about co-operation between even the worst of enemies.  Only if both parties would sit down and work towards a mutual understanding of each others positions, will there be a chance for peace and a better world for the future generations to come.

Fear, Anger, mistrust and the misunderstandings between people who are different and diverse in their beliefs and/or goals fuels the ever troublesome acts of aggression within our world today. Tolerance of the differences we have as a species along with focus on the common goal of survival and better standards of living for all should be the main focus of the world leaders and the citizens of the world as well.


Peace is not mealy the absence of war or conflict, it is the presence of tolerance, understanding ,co-operation and compassion.

Raymond Barbier



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Mind Exposure – Instrument of Change – 11-19-2015

eyeYou must become an instrument of change if you desire change. Wanting change is not enough, you have to do more than just want it, you have to put effort into the process. You have to create the proper mindset and put forth effort towards the changes you desire. Change can come from a solitary source, but a collective and/or group effort is more affective in creating change in our world. Look at the creation of change like you would the running of a business or a family household. The more organized and thought out the plan is to create change the more affective your efforts to bring it about will be. You have to be vigilant and have a very positive mindset in order to succeed at bringing change into being.  This world is in need of change, it seems fear, greed and the lack of understanding and tolerance rules this age. The time is ripe for change in this world and we need more creative and positive people to bring about the changes this world needs.

We have the choice of being someone who sits and watches the world change around them or we can be someone who is creating the changes in the world. To act or not and which kind of changes we bring about is also or choice. Chose well this is the only life we have and this world we live in is the only one we have.

Blessings to all

Ray Barbier

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Random Thoughts 11-1-2015

kids0060You can learn so much from kids and teens, their unfiltered view of the world and their ability to see things in a simplistic way. Seems as we grow older we attach a lot of unnecessary garbage to everything we experience in life as we grow older. I remember my father telling me a many of times that it isn’t as simple as that to me when i would express my opinions on things i observed as a child. I look back at a lot of those observations and i came to conclusion a good portion of them were that simple if not more so. Seems the older we get the more complicated we make life, we overthink most situations and add on beliefs and thoughts that complicates our lives. Some things are just black and white, those that are not are still not as complex as we make them. Sometimes i think we just allowed the world we live in to cloud our ability to see things clearly and block our ability to see things in their unadulterated pure form.



Much wisdom comes from the mouths of babes, the innocence they possess is a gift that allows them to see things as they really are.

Ray Barbier.


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