random thoughts–1/28/2014

HPIM0319To Love others as God loves us, this is what we were taught to do yet we seem to miss that mark so easily. Why is it so hard to accept and love one another unconditionally? What makes us want to either judge others hastily and without compassion or causes us to choose to deny others love. We all want to be loved, accepted and to be a part of a group or community, but we tend to deny ourselves these things as much as we deny it to others due to our image of what we think makes one worthy of such.

The fact is we all deserve love, acceptance and to be a part of a community. God gave us his love so we could spread his love and cause it to multiply between us all. We all belong to the great community of humankind even though some people believe otherwise. No man s greater or lesser than his brother in the eyes of God nor is any person without sin or fault. To declare or to put oneself above another is but vanity and self centeredness in its purest form.

To claim to be wise usually is a sign one is a fool, to see that you are but a fool is usually the first step towards wisdom. To know thyself with out self-delusion or self-glorification is to be humble and to see the truth of what one is. I claim not to know the answers I only claim to know some of the questions and express that which I believe and understand as theoretical ideals.  I urge you to seek your own answers in life for you are responsible for what you choose to believe and what you teach others directly or indirectly.

Live life to the fullest, but do so with compassion and a charitable heart. Forgive not only others,also learn to forgive your own self, for one must face their own shortcomings and go beyond them in order to see the grace in forgiveness. Think for your self and follow not the mainstream ideology, for the path to ruin is wide and so is the path to hell. Seek the truth and be not persuaded by wolves in sheep’s clothing, for many profess to be leaders in Christ and are but men of wealth and greed.

I am but a fool who seeks to become wise, I am but a man who tries to be a good man, nothing else.

Ray Barbier

Who and what we truly are

002Why do we allow the opinions of others to effect our self-image, emotions and outlook on life. We tend to seek acceptance and reassurance from others, we learned this behavior as children. We need to see that though opinions of others have meaning and some weight, that our own opinions are just as important if not more so when it comes to our self. Others do not know you as you know yourself and they usually judge you on preconceived notions based on just one if not a few encounters they had with you. They don’t know your heart or mind, they have little fact or evidence to support their impression of your personality.

Even those that have known you for years still may not truly know who you are truly. Sometimes we do not even know ourselves as good as we should. We tend to be like a chameleon and change with the crowd and circumstances around us to blend in. We try to blend in and we rarely show our true selves out of fear of not being accepted or loved. The problem with being a chameleon or being a person who tries to fit in by putting on a mask is that we are never accepted or loved for who we are. Thus we are not accepted or loved at all, for they love the part we play not for who and what we are.

We try to kid ourselves they love us and accept us even though they see a disguise not our true image. But deep inside we will know is all a lie and falsehood. So it is far better to be loved and accepted by a few as who and what we truly are then to be loved and accepted by many for who we are not.

Be yourself, Believe in yourself and Be true to yourself. Worry not of the opinions of others and love yourself for who you are.

Ray Barbier

Random Thoughts on a Sunday (1/12/2014)

016Each morning we should give thanks for another day to live, we should remember not to take those in our life for granted because we know not when they may be gone. We should be thankful for what we have and worry of what may have been or may be yet to come. Live in the now and know what you have is more important than that which you have lost or haven’t yet received. The universe is vast and we are but a miniscule speck of dust in its existence, we should never allow our egos to be large and we should see we are not the center of the universe. Be humble and see the worth in all living creatures, regardless of size, shape, color or sex. Many religions exist on our planet and we must learn to accept the right for others to believe differently than ourselves and we also must to see each others as equals. For in our beginning we all come from a mother and in the end we all find ourselves in a grave. Births and deaths mean very little, it is what you do between the two that counts.

If your past is full of darkness then make your present the time to light a candle and your future the way to a life of light. Learn from your past, live in the now and the future will take care of itself. Learn to Question all things so that you understand that which you know and as so you do not follow any idea or notion  blindly.

Thursday’s Random Thoughts 1/9/2014

eye.jpgGo beyond the barrier and see what is hidden from your view, open your eyes and see that which you have been blind too. Put away fear and uncertainty to make room for your hope and curiosity for they will serve you far better in life.Follow no man, philosophy or even religion blindly for you are responsible for your own actions and thoughts as well as the effect they may have on others. Better to doubt and be wrong than to follow blindly and be mislead or mistaken.

A heart that is full of kindness and love.

024_thumb.jpgBeing our life is as a drop of water in the ocean of time we should cherish each moment in time. We should be true to ourselves and be full of peace, compassion,understanding and unconditional love. We should walk which ever path we choose with dignity and we should not condemn nor disrespect the paths others have chosen to walk. We should live in the now, remember the lessons of our past and be hopeful for the future.

Though we are individuals we must remember to aim for the good of the whole. We should walk through life with a gentle smile on our faces and with a heart that is full of kindness and love. We should refrain from anger and never give in to such things as hatred and fear. We should always remember that just like ourselves others are plagued by the sorrows and troubles of being human. If we remember this we shall find it easy to have compassion.