Random Thoughts on a Sunday (1/12/2014)

016Each morning we should give thanks for another day to live, we should remember not to take those in our life for granted because we know not when they may be gone. We should be thankful for what we have and worry of what may have been or may be yet to come. Live in the now and know what you have is more important than that which you have lost or haven’t yet received. The universe is vast and we are but a miniscule speck of dust in its existence, we should never allow our egos to be large and we should see we are not the center of the universe. Be humble and see the worth in all living creatures, regardless of size, shape, color or sex. Many religions exist on our planet and we must learn to accept the right for others to believe differently than ourselves and we also must to see each others as equals. For in our beginning we all come from a mother and in the end we all find ourselves in a grave. Births and deaths mean very little, it is what you do between the two that counts.

If your past is full of darkness then make your present the time to light a candle and your future the way to a life of light. Learn from your past, live in the now and the future will take care of itself. Learn to Question all things so that you understand that which you know and as so you do not follow any idea or notion  blindly.

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