Random thoughts 9-30-2016

In this world we have a rainbow of personalities, all shaped from life experiences and the decisions we have made. Each individual is unique, though you may find similarities between us , but there is far more that is different between all of us than there is the same. What matters the most is not the differences but the common core between most if not all people in our world, the desire to be happy, a better future for their children and  to live in peace. Of course there are warmongers, those who hate life and fear and/or despise anyone different from themselves.

Too much finger pointing and transference of blame onto others within humanity, it is so much easier to blame someone else for our misfortunes and for what we lack in our life. Sometimes it is someone else’s fault, but most of the time its our own because we either made the wrong choice in life or did not make a choice where and when we needed to.  We could have followed the wrong leader, chose the wrong profession or the wrong person to love and marry. So Many factors play a part in the situations you have been through and will face in the future, every word and action you take influences both the present and the future that will come.

In the end one is always remembered by how they treated other people, how much they gave of themselves to the community and the way they lived their life. All the accomplishments in academia , the business world or political stage means very little when it’s all said and done.

Though we all are so different, in the end we are so much alike. Live life to the fullest and remember this is not a solo journey that everyone around you is your traveling partners through life. Treat them well and they hopefully will do the same. When it’s all said and done we all can hope we will be remembered with love and endearment.

God Bless and Happy Friday to all

Raymond Barbier

Random Thought 9-5-2016

“When it stops being about yourself and starts being about others is when you are on the right path. Being we are but human we tend to focus more on the self and less on others around us. By doing such we miss out on many gifts that are right in front of us. And we deny others from knowing our heart in the process.”

Ray Barbier

Random Thought 9-5-2016 was originally published on Mind Exposure