Cooking Oils, Which are more Heart Healthy?

The cooking oils below are low in saturated fats and trans fats. Some have high concentration of monounsaturated fats such as olive oil. Use corn oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, soy oil or canola oil if you wish to fry foods as these oils have higher smoke point. It is best not to fry with olive oil as its has a low smoke point.

canola oil
flax seed oil
peanut oil
Olive Oil
safflower oil
corn oil
sunflower oil
soy oil

Heart Healthy Foods

Flax (Oil, Seed & Flour)
Oranges (Fruit & Juice)
Olives (Both the Olive & The Oil)
Niacin (Not a food but a good Cholesterol Lowering Vitamin)
Grapes (Dark Red or Concord)(Fruit or Juice)

These are just a few of heart beneficial foods. Eating a diet rich in these foods can help lower cholesterol and enhance blood flow. Combine a good diet along with exercising 3 times a week for 30 minutes a day and you could reverse some of the effects of heart disease and lower your blood pressure along with cholesterol.

Red Wine or Grape Juice

A new study has shown that red or concord grapes and grape juice is just as beneficial to your heart as red wine.  Grape juice helps your heart by relaxing your blood vessels, allowing your blood to more easily flow. This benefit is most likely due to substances called antioxidants found in the skin and seeds of grapes  especially dark red and purple grapes. you can read more about this topic at The Mayo Clinic just click the link below.

The Inner Realm, The Place In Between Pg. 1

The sun rose from the east like any other morning and like usual Jeff Bartlett started his pot of coffee and readied his self for another tedious day of work. Little did Jeff knew that fate had something a little more interesting for him than his usual trek to work. As he drove down Hwy 143 towards work a strange bright light appeared around his car and then vanished. As soon as the light disappeared Jeff was no longer on Hwy 143, He was in middle of a field of corn. Jeff stopped and stepped out and looked around to see nothing but corn for miles around him. Confused by what just has happened Jeff sat back in the car and smoked a cigarette in a slight daze. Jeff figured if he was to figure out where he was then he should try driving out of this corn field so Jeff cranked up his car  and drove slowly through the corn field.

   After about ten minutes of driving he finally exited the corn field only to find a hilly grasslands with a few  trees spread out along the landscape. “Well this isn’t looking good”  Jeff said as he scratched his head trying to figure out what happened and where the heck he was.  From behind the vehicle Jeff heard a voice calling out to him saying  “Hello” and in he looked his review mirror and  saw a  old man waving at him.  The old man came up to Jeff’s window and said “You look like a man in need of directions”. Jeff looks at the old man through the window and replies “Man that’s an understatement if i have ever heard one”. The old man just smiles and tells Jeff that the directions you want are not the ones you need and starts walking away and before Jeff could even say a word the old man says “If you want directions then come sit with me by the fire” and the old man  disappeared over the hill.

  Jeff gets out of his car and ran after the old man only to find him sitting on a rock by a campfire beside a small pond. The old man waves at Jeff to come and sit by the fire with him. As Jeff finally sits on the ground by the fire the old man looks at Jeff and says to him “I bet you wonder how you got here don’t you?” “Well don’t worry yourself over that, it isn’t all that important at least not as important as why your here.” then the old man goes silent and plays with the campfire. “Where am I anyways?” Jeff asks with a bewildered look upon his face. “Where are you?, why sitting by a campfire” the old man says wittingly. Jeff’s face begins to turn a bit red from the old mans answer and then the old man stands up and says “I am Verum Peto and you are in the inner realm, the place in between.” And then Jeff Wakes up in his bed at home thinking it all was a dream.


To Be Continued

The Physical and Spiritual paths are one in the same.

Going through life in servitude to your partner if done out of true love and devotion is a Nobel and worthy path to follow. To be selfless and dedicated to bringing happiness to those you care about is a higher spiritual calling very few follow. Most people avoid such a path because it doesn’t serve their desires and wants. We go through life seeking happiness and get misled to believe the only way to obtain it is through selfish acts and thoughts. Lets say their is two sides to a person one that is of the material world and mind and one that is of the non material or spiritual world. They both coexist and compliment each other if kept balanced.

  Many eastern beliefs hold on to the total spiritual path when I myself see both the physical and spiritual as one path combined. We live in the physical world so we must interact with it and we are bound by its laws for the most part. We also are Spiritual so we also must interact with it and we are bound by its laws too. Most of the rules of the spiritual world is reflected in the physical world. To only be one or the other is to deny half of what we are, we must embrace both but in balance. Neither is evil nor good. It is you, the self that chooses good or evil either willingly or through ignorance.

How you choose to be and to believe is solely your choice and responsibility and you will be held responsible for most if not all of what you do and choose. Remember that so you will choose wisely and learn all you can so you may be able to choose the right course for yourself. Follow not any teacher, guru or religious leader, follow your own path so the penalties and rewards you reap will be from your own choices not that of another. Learn from them but choose your own path.


Peace, Until next time

Verum Peto

We all are residents of planet Earth

Our modern world is facing so many different challenges and the governments of the world are all trying to deal with these challenges in their own ways. With so many human beings on this planet you would think we could come up with some inventive solutions to the problems we are facing. Unfortunately very few good ideas get past the draft stage if they even get thought of by government officials at all.

With the fear of one world government in the minds of the conspiracy theorists and being spread by the talk show hosts it makes it hard for countries to co-operate and come up with global solutions. We do not need one world government in order to solve the problems we face we just need to put our differences aside and co-operate to come up with solutions that we can implement on a global scale.

I also believe the governments are cheating themselves out of allot of possible solutions by not utilizing the private sector and the mind power of their general public. Some of the most innovative ideas come from the average person. I think all of us should try to get together and find solutions to the problems we face today and present them to our governments. No guarantee they will listen but at least we can go to bed at night knowing we tried to make a difference instead of watching it grow.

We all are residents of planet Earth regardless of nationality, color, religion or our sex. We should recognize this fact and act responsibly and put effort into making our world and its future a better place for all.

For the students of today are the leaders, inventors and visionaries of tomorrow.

No child left behind, a step forward for some and a heavy load to others. To put those who are mentally challenged into the main stream classes is a novel and good idea as long as it does not hinder the education of any other student. The idea is a sound idea if it is implemented in a fashion that both does not discriminate nor hinder the education of the student body. At this time I have heard comments stating that the no child left behind program has some problems that need to be addressed. The question is how do we bring the mentally challenged up to speed or at least a reasonable level of learning without holding back the rest of the class? The benefits the Mentally Challenged receive can be quite beneficial to them. I am all for no child left behind for the most part but i am concerned about the problems with the program that has yet to be addressed. What is the solution to the problems that no child left behind is facing, I am not sure for that is something better left to the educators and government to figure out and fix. All I will say is the education of our youths should be the first and highest priority to both our state and federal governments. For the students of today are the leaders, inventors and visionaries of tomorrow.

If Enough People Got Together

If Washington is going to survive the recent wave of political change in America it is going to have to get on the side of the average American . The Working Class is the backbone of America, not the rich. The rich may control corporate America but the working man built it and sustains it financially. Those people  who makes around minimum wage is greater in numbers than the politician,Doctor and C.E.O. Executive who make more in a year than some do in a lifetime.  But who has the greater voice in out capital in the end? The big businesses and the politician who are backed by them. I can not say every politician puts wealth and power above his duties to the citizens he represents but if you examine the bills passed in congress it seems most of them are written to benefit  corporate America more than Americans in general. 

The  president won his office thanks to the average Joe and his/her votes and so did all of the congress. You would think they would care more about the voters who got them in office than the lobbyists and the corporations behind them. I do believe there are some in congress and Washington that do care and listen, just not enough to make a difference. I also believe if enough people got together and voiced their concerns to our capitol then congress would have to listen. We the people of The united states is what the constitution says and not we the wealthy or we the corporations. Maybe I am just believing in the fairy tale that the USA is a free nation and has a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Well who knows only time will only tell.

Proof one Voice Can make Change

Here is Proof That Anyone Can Make Change or at Least Get Noticed when they speak up. Good Job Brandon!

Teen gets letter from the Vice President

A little more than one month ago, Brandon Halcomb … a Leslie County High School student wrote an open letter to Vice President asking for an apology.

Biden used the "f word" on national television right before President Obama signed the Health Care reform bill into law.

Brandon recently got a response from the Vice President.

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