We all are residents of planet Earth

Our modern world is facing so many different challenges and the governments of the world are all trying to deal with these challenges in their own ways. With so many human beings on this planet you would think we could come up with some inventive solutions to the problems we are facing. Unfortunately very few good ideas get past the draft stage if they even get thought of by government officials at all.

With the fear of one world government in the minds of the conspiracy theorists and being spread by the talk show hosts it makes it hard for countries to co-operate and come up with global solutions. We do not need one world government in order to solve the problems we face we just need to put our differences aside and co-operate to come up with solutions that we can implement on a global scale.

I also believe the governments are cheating themselves out of allot of possible solutions by not utilizing the private sector and the mind power of their general public. Some of the most innovative ideas come from the average person. I think all of us should try to get together and find solutions to the problems we face today and present them to our governments. No guarantee they will listen but at least we can go to bed at night knowing we tried to make a difference instead of watching it grow.

We all are residents of planet Earth regardless of nationality, color, religion or our sex. We should recognize this fact and act responsibly and put effort into making our world and its future a better place for all.

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