The Physical and Spiritual paths are one in the same.

Going through life in servitude to your partner if done out of true love and devotion is a Nobel and worthy path to follow. To be selfless and dedicated to bringing happiness to those you care about is a higher spiritual calling very few follow. Most people avoid such a path because it doesn’t serve their desires and wants. We go through life seeking happiness and get misled to believe the only way to obtain it is through selfish acts and thoughts. Lets say their is two sides to a person one that is of the material world and mind and one that is of the non material or spiritual world. They both coexist and compliment each other if kept balanced.

  Many eastern beliefs hold on to the total spiritual path when I myself see both the physical and spiritual as one path combined. We live in the physical world so we must interact with it and we are bound by its laws for the most part. We also are Spiritual so we also must interact with it and we are bound by its laws too. Most of the rules of the spiritual world is reflected in the physical world. To only be one or the other is to deny half of what we are, we must embrace both but in balance. Neither is evil nor good. It is you, the self that chooses good or evil either willingly or through ignorance.

How you choose to be and to believe is solely your choice and responsibility and you will be held responsible for most if not all of what you do and choose. Remember that so you will choose wisely and learn all you can so you may be able to choose the right course for yourself. Follow not any teacher, guru or religious leader, follow your own path so the penalties and rewards you reap will be from your own choices not that of another. Learn from them but choose your own path.


Peace, Until next time

Verum Peto

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