I am worth no more or less than any other

eye Sometimes I find I am way to sensitive and get hurt too easy, it is because how much I care about others and some of it is my desire to be accepted. Though I have come a long way in the insecurity department, I don’t rely on other people’s opinions about me or if they accept me or not as much as I used to. A lot of the reason I don’t get bothered by it as much is I have learned to accept myself as is and realize my family, friends and love of my life are the only ones that matter in the end. Not everyone will like me or accept me, but those that do I will cherish and embrace as a part of my extended family. Self confidence and self-worth have been issues I have dealt with since my teen years. Now 44 I am finally getting a grip on reality and the truth of it all. I walk in faith now instead of fear and know God accepts me and loves me and so do those I love.

I am worth no more or less than any other and I am as confident as I need to be. I can do what I need and want and that is all that matters to me now.

God’s love heals, builds character and inspires all.
Ray Barbier

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God gave us a wonderful home and we should cherish it

001With the Mayan Calendar countdown to zero pending in our minds and all the shows pushing doom and gloom there is a lot of people living in fear of the end. Fear not the end of the world it will come when it is destined to come, waste no time worrying about what can not be changed or avoided. When we get too involved with the fear of the end of our lives and the world we forget to enjoy the time we have been blessed with and to thank god for our blessings as well. Fear is a tool of the darkness to distract you from your relationship with god and away from walking in faith. If we spent as much time living in and for the glory of God as we do in fearing death or the end of the world just think how much better this world would be. Instead of embracing the fear we would be embracing God’s love and spreading his love to all human kind. If we spent more time fixing the problems of our world than we do worrying about the outcome of our mistakes we may be able to improve our world.

0992012 may be the end or the beginning of the end of the world but if that is so then there is not one thing we can do to change that fact. All we can do is focus on the here and now and live our life with love and in faith. We should take our role as stewards of this beautiful blue planet more serious than we do. Clean water, Clean Air, Woodland Preservation along with the preservation of all the living creatures including ourselves should be our main focus. God gave us a wonderful home and we should cherish it and try to preserve it for the future generations.


We should take our jobs as stewards of this planet serious and preserve this miracle planet for generations to come.
Ray Barbier

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God gave man power in love, hope, faith and compassion.

His Only-begotten Son and the Word of God 1885...

Love, one of the most powerful emotions and a great gift from god. We should love God first before all others especially ourselves. Then we should love the family, friends, the rest of humanity and then we must love ourselves. Loving ourselves last is a reminder not to have a prideful love or a love full of vanity for ourselves. Loving God first reminds us to give all the glory to Him and to keep our focus on him as well. Love is one of those things that has no limitations except for what you put upon it. It has no boundaries or limit in quantity and can be shared with all living things. Love is one of those gifts that keeps on giving and it has proven to be viral, the more you share love the more it spreads.

Love can cure ailments of the mind,, heart and sometimes even the body. God’s love can cure-all ailments if it accompanied with faith. Faith is the belief in God’s love and promises so in its own way faith is also love. God gave man power in love, hope, faith and compassion he gave us all his love through the life and death of his only begotten son Jesus. Forgiveness which Jesus taught is one of the many forms of love God gave us and wishes for us to practice. Love is the key, the answer and the power that we should embrace.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

John 3:16 K.J.V.

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If it wasn’t for all of you

dd43853Today I started looking back upon my life, remembering all the friends I had. I have lost some to death and others through time and distance. I remember them all and miss each one of them. Today I write this post for them, a dedication or celebration of having known them and to thank them for being my friends. To those of them I may have done wrong or left behind unintentionally I apologize. To those that forgot me I will still remember you within my heart. If it wasn’t for all of you I wouldn’t have had such a great life so far. Now that I am growing old and have lost most my friends I realize how lucky I was to have all of you. I just hope that some of you will remember me as a good guy. I hope all of you are happy and living a decent life.

I will always be a friend to all of you and will be here if you ever need me. God bless all of you and once again THANK YOU!


Friends are the anchor that keeps our feet on the ground and the lifesaver that keeps us afloat in the ocean of life.
Ray Barbier

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Each day is a blessing and a gift

HPIM0622My eyes open to see another day, the stress, fear and aggravation of yesterday is gone and the hope, faith and anticipation of another blessed day of life fills my heart and soul. What happened yesterday is left behind and no regrets, sadness, pain or frustration of days gone by will interfere with this gift of life for another day. I don’t live in the past nor do I live in the future, I live here and in the now. So no worries of what might be or what could have been will influence me. All I have is thankfulness for yet another chance to live, love and experience this world and its wonders. Yet another chance to make a difference, to make a mark on this world and to enjoy the day with those I care for and love.

Each day is a blessing and a gift, cherish it and give thanks to God for another chance at life.
Ray Barbier

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It could be the last time that you might meet.

p10057The time we have on earth is very short and limited, Time flies by so fast it seems like just a day has passed and you went from 16 to 44. The older you get the faster time seems to get, this is why we should cherish the family, friends and loves we have each moment we can. We should find the beauty in everything we can and enjoy each moment we are blessed to have in this short life. We should always express our love and show kindness to others and they should do so in return. We can only control our own lives and make choices for ourselves so we must set an example for others to follow. They may see the goodness in having a kind heart and enjoying every moment with others.  Just remember that the next time you see a friend, family member or loved one it could be the last time that you might meet. Grim sounding but it is the truth of the reality we live in, no one is immortal nor do we know when our last breath is going to be until it arrives. So don’t let any chance of being happy or to be kind to others slip you by in life.

Just some thoughts.
Ray Barbier

What defines us as a species

bnf0429We are only human, we fall, we fail, we stumble and we make loads of mistakes. We are only human, we get back up, we try again, we offer a helping hand to others, we forgive we also overcome many shortcomings. Though we as a species have many failings we also have so many great attributes and such potential. We can not allow the times we fail to be what defines us, we should make the times we succeed, overcome and prevail what defines us as a species. We should never look down on another person for mistakes or shortcomings because we could have easily been that person or in the same situation as them. Be it at work, school or just at home we must remember we all are human and are prone to make mistakes from time to time. Not one person can be perfect nor can they succeed all of the time.

We shouldn’t gossip or bad talk each other, one day you could need the help of the person you gossip about or disrespect and they just might not be there to help because of how you treated them. They probably will be there, because most humans are compassionate and forgiving in nature but there are some that are not.

Just some thoughts to ponder on.
Ray Barbier

If you have learned from the mistakes and wrongs that you have committed

013Self Forgiveness is a big part of finding happiness and peace of mind. If you can not find forgiveness for the mistakes you have made in your past then you will never be able to live in the present. Your mind will be stuck in the past wondering what went wrong or what could you have done different. If you wronged a person you should seek forgiveness from them, even if they will not forgive you, you have done all you can to make amends. Then you should forgive yourself for the wrong you have done and pray that they one day will forgive you. If it was mistakes made or the person is no longer available to ask for forgiveness then forgive yourself and pray to be forgiven as well. The main thing is if you have learned from the mistakes and wrongs that you have committed in your past and to you have remorse as well. But after forgiving yourself the remorse should be left behind along with any wrong committed.

Self forgiveness and the forgiveness of others are the way of a kind heart and a compassionate mind.
Ray Barbier

If only one person is empowered, improved or was inspired to think

Mixed Media Sculpture: Gilles Barbier: In the ...

I know I am no fantastic writer, I know I am not always right and often wrong, I know I am but a fool who seeks out the truth and to become wise. I write because it is what I love, I promote kindness, love and peace because it’s the heart god gave me. I am successful in blogging because I write from the heart and helps me to be the true me. I may not always get a like or a comment, I may never be one of the most popular bloggers and that matters very little to me. If only one person is empowered, improved or  was inspired to think then I am a successful blogger!

A Successful blog is one the brings the author joy and gives one reader something to think about.
Ray Barbier

So be very aware of your words and actions

A powerful light shines in the dark.

In life there are those we meet and then never see again, they may have even affected our lives but they become faded memories. Then there are those that we can never forget, some are one time chance meetings but most are of the long friendship type of meetings. They stay in your mind be it the front or back of it, they influence you life even if they are not present in your life at the time. Words they have said echo within your mind both consciously and subconsciously. They were your best friends, neighbors, relatives and even your love interests throughout your life.  In their own way they contributed to who you are and helped you through life. Even those whom where mean and were negative influences have had left their mark in who you have become.  In turn you have played both negative and positive influence on all of the people you’ve encountered in your life, you helped each one of them become who they are in one way or another. We all a part of each other and we all are brothers and sisters in life.

By understanding both how others can influence a part of who you are and how you influence them in the same way, you learn that every word you say and every action you take makes a difference. If it is a positive or negative difference is up to you. So be very aware of your words and actions for they will not only impact those around you they will definitely effect you as well.  We are responsible for our every action we take, thought we have and the words we choose to say. For each one of them have power and can enact change and defiantly effect people.

 The power of our thoughts and words usually is overlooked as well as their effect on the world around us.
Think wisely and speak only words of truth and kindness so your influence will be positive.

Ray Barbier