One Life, One Goal, One God, Infinite Possibilities

When I’m down, When I am lost, When I’ve got nothing else I look for the hand reaching out to me

Some were born without love, without anyone taking notice, without giving a moment of care. Some doesn’t know what it’s like to be loved, to be thought of even though they may think of themselves as nobody’s. Many are born feeling this way, God gives everyone a second chance, God gives us love everytime we fail, God gives us more love than ever asked for from us. God loves all, given as we all sin He still has love for us in the good and also in the bad times we go through. Well God wouldn’t have sent His only Son down unto earth to give His life for us if He didn’t have love for us would He?…No God forgives us but we must show Him that we…

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Nothing is for free, the programs are paid by working citizens

65242  Food stamps, public housing, welfare and other benefits provided by states and federal government are a necessity in times of high unemployment. The problem is the cost of these programs are bankrupting states and adding to the national debt. I don’t see why the states and the federal government couldn’t just require any able-bodied person who is receiving on or more of these benefits who are unemployed to work for the state or federal government in exchange for the benefits. At least it may offset the cost if not balance it out with the labor received. Nothing is for free, the programs are paid by working citizens and I see no reason a healthy person couldn’t work in exchange for the benefits. If it be just cleaning up trash off the side of the road, landscaping, mowing grass, custodial work in schools or any other job that could benefit the citizens and/or governments. Of course I support the idea of drug testing to receive benefits, If a person who is working a job has to take one to get and keep his job then why shouldn’t it be the same for a benefit recipient.

Plus if you require the healthy recipients to work then they can feel useful and it will keep them inspired to find employment. Also there should be more investigations and inspections on recipients to help prevent fraudulent benefit claims and beneficiaries. I do not wish to see the shutdown of the programs that are put in place to help those in need, but if we don’t find some way to alleviate both the cost and the waste created by fraudulent claims they will eventually either be stripped down to nothing or canceled. I am no expert and I don’t have all the answers, but I am intelligent enough to know the way things are going that all our benefits and entitlements will be gone in a generation or two if we don’t figure out how to keep them.


Just a few thoughts

Raymond Barbier

Work together to better our communities and our world

062 Every one of us has a story, each one of us influences the world around us. How we influence and how much we contribute is up to us. But there is no such thing as an unimportant person, we all are important, special and unique to God. We all are a part of the great machine called life. We as individuals can change our little worlds and as a group can influence change on a global scale. This is one of the unique qualities of human beings, we can change our environments to suit our needs as well as change the course of our worlds destiny / fate.  Protests, revolutions, grass root projects and just plain speaking up can cause political, social and even cultural changes. I prefer the non violent methods of enacting change, usually the violent path only brings suffering and brings either temporary or negative results.  There are of course some circumstances that violent action is the only path but it should be the last resort.

I blog quite often about how governments tend to be out of touch with the needs of the citizens and are more focused on the rich or the powerful. How the governments fail at actually coming up with solutions to problems due to party politics and the interest groups lobbying them. We can not rely on our governments to carry the weight and should as a nation and or global community start dealing with some of the problems ourselves. Poverty, hunger, homelessness and the environment are things we as citizens can make a difference in. If we organize and work together to better our communities and our world we can achieve almost anything. Some can give money, some can just volunteer time or their expertise as well as doing grass-roots education. So much we can do on our own and probably do a far better job of it than the government could do. It is the right way to do it and almost every religion supports the idea of taking care of our fellow human beings. We can put aside our religious and cultural differences to make this world a better place if we chose to do so.


Just some thoughts, Right or Wrong there here for all to see.



Love, Compassion and peace are the keys to a better world.”

Raymond Barbier

They choose to keep the status quo over trying to improve our country.

65242 Ah Politics, the entertainment of an election year and all the bent truths along with the words taken out of context. Such a media circus and misdirection of information. I just don’t see what all this conservative and liberal arguments are really about other than a way to polarize the voters to one way or another. It would seem if a politician really loved his country and wanted to really help the citizens of our great nation he would seek out the best possible solution to a problem be it right,left winged, conservative, moderate or liberal in nature. But then if a politician really cared for his county and its citizens he would also put aside all his personal ambitions and avoid being influenced by any lobbyist in his decisions. I also think there should be a term limit on congress, a congress person who stays in office too long become entrenched in one way of thinking and will have a hard time being innovative and or creative in coming up with new solutions / ideas. They become too comfortable and they choose to keep the status quo over trying to improve our country.

I guess the majority of those in congress have never been poor or had to live on minimum wage or been on a low fixed income. This makes it hard for any of them to truly relate to the common citizen they represent. Maybe they should be paid minimum wage and try to pay rent and afford food. Then they could truly understand how it is for most of their voters. I guess I cant blame some of them for supporting the rich since they themselves are rich and you always take care of your own. They complain about Obama wanting to take from the rich and give to the poor but its ok for them to take away from the poor’s benefits to give tax breaks to the rich. They are ok with redistribution of wealth as long as its going to the rich and coming from the poor. I don’t want the rich mans money, I just want him to stop stealing mine. So many times they raise prices and make record profits as they cut workers benefits if not lay them off. I just think there should be some accountability for the unfair practices that the big businesses use.


Just my 2 cents worth, Right or wrong it is what it is.

Raymond Barbier

Our children and grandchildren will inherit a toxic planet if we don’t stop

IMG_1077 While Scientists argue over what is causing the climate change we pump toxic gases into our air. As they debate how little man influences our environment more and more toxic waste is buried in the ground and illegally dumped into our water sources.  Regardless what they say we affect our environment negatively with our chemicals, gasses and poisonous by-products. So what if the sun is part of the reason to the temperature increase it is not the only thing effecting our environment. Birth defects, mysterious diseases and health problems increasing in our world. Too much evidence to our negative influence on our environment to ignore. Our children and grandchildren will inherit a toxic planet if we don’t stop mistreating our home. All of this is put aside in the name of profit, the mighty dollar seems more important than the health of future generations, the water and food we consume and the human race’s survival. Seems silly to put greed before survival as well as the wellbeing of your future generations but that is the message the big companies are sending along with our government. When they do attempt to do something to help the environment they do it in a way that it causes job loss and an economic decline in the towns that rely on the industry. Coal is one example, they limit the amount of new coal permits which causes coal companies to lay off workers. They need to first offer job re-education programs and help get new industries in the areas that will be effected by the closing or slowing of the coal industry. So that the coal miners and related workers can find new employment locally to support their families. Once there is new jobs and the coal workers are trained and placed in the new jobs the coal industry can be shut down. Though I don’t see how we can actually discontinue coal use for energy at this point in time, but in the decades ahead we may find a safer alternative to coal besides nuclear. Natural gas, wind and solar are viable replacements but solar and wind are still not as efficient or economical as of yet.  It would definitely would be a phase out in a decade or two kind of plan so to give time to get new industry in the areas and retrain the workers.


In the end we need a clean and renewable energy source. We need to find less toxic ways to manufacture our goods and make more recyclable products. We can not continue on this disposable product path, we need to make everything as recyclable and reusable as possible. The public and commercial sectors need to become even more green minded than they already are. Maybe give tax breaks to families and business that go green and recycle. Just a thought anyway…


Lets all go Green, Renewable, Recyclable and reusable .

Raymond Barbier

And we should know that fear is not what God wants for his children

cross Fear, one of the greatest enemies to civilization and to our happiness is way too commonplace in the modern world. You would think with all the technology and advances in the sciences we would be a more secure and less fearful world. Fear is one of the devils favorite weapons because it creates doubt in god and his word. Though fear itself can not destroy the word of god it can make some to doubt it as well as create a lifetime of worry. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind ~ 2 Timothy 1:7 That verse sums it up, we should not give into fear for it is not the spirit that god gave us. We should surrender the fear to god and keep faith. For fear keeps one from having a sound mind and it saps their power by keeping doubt in the front of their mind. It can be a great obstacle to moving forward or doing the works god desires for you. Through fear you can become deceived, you can be led to believe you can not accomplish what either you or God has planned for you to do.

Remember the story of David and Goliath, All the grown soldiers were shaking in their boots and were surrendering to their fear and any of them would have failed to defeat Goliath. But David with his faith in god and with courage (not fear) was able to take on the giant Goliath and slay him. This proves fear in the end is both a weakening force and an obstruction to ones true potential. Face your fear with faith and give it to God, keep faith and go out and do gods will. And we should know that fear is not what God wants for his children…

God Bless
Raymond Barbier

Love – So sought out and so easily took for granted.

p10053 Love, Such an illusive emotion and such a powerful force. When you are within its warm embrace life is wonderful but when you wander away from it you feel the cold reality of life. Hard to find but so easily given away, impossible to capture but simply surrendered too. So many levels and so many depths, so fleeting yet so eternal. Not just a biochemical reaction and more than just a word. It is so grand you can not see its boundaries and it has no limits. So sought out and so easily took for granted. One of the greatest treasure one could find and the easiest one to give away.

Love has no prejudice, it comes to the rich, poor, powerful and the weak. Love humbles the strong and then it gives strength to the meek. Love has been blamed for the start of wars as well as bringing peace. Such a wonderful thing love can be and it still remains one of mankind’s biggest mysteries.



Love is the question and it is the answer as well.
Raymond Barbier

Focus more on the light within each other instead of the shadows

65242I have noticed that most people tend to find it easy to point out the faults and shortcomings of others. The funny part most of the time the faults they point out in others they usually have themselves. I guess as a humans we tend to hate characteristics in others that we despise or fear of having within ourselves. To be perfectly honest, I believe the only one we have the right to judge or criticize is our own selves. We are far from perfect and fall short of the glory of god as much as the next person and all sin is equal except for blaspheme of the holy spirit. So no sinner is greater or lesser than the next and all can be saved and forgiven. Point is we are all equal in having faults and shortcomings so why bother pointing out the obvious in others when we should tend to our own. If you insist on judging others just remember that the way you judge others is the way you will be judged. So judge with compassion and understanding as well as with a forgiving heart so you too will receive the same mercy. If we would only focus more on the light within each other instead of the shadows and dark spots we would be a far better species and a much happier world. I guess I am nothing but a dreamer with an optimistic view. Just one of my shortcomings I guess, but its one I tend to like within myself.


Do not hesitate to express your love to others and fear not rejection for it isn’t as bad as loneliness.

Raymond Barbier