It is what you do in-between that makes all the difference.

KIDS0043If I would have had a child of my own, I would try to teach him or her everything I could about the realities of this world. To prepare the child for the challenges of this modern and chaotic world we live in. What would I teach my child would be honesty, faith, hope and compassion for all living things. I would explain how it is okay not to have everything you want and that not everyone is going to like them or be their friend. Forgiveness is one thing I would push hard for my child to learn for to forgive others and yourself is to love unconditionally. To carry guilt beyond a week is unhealthy so forgive yourself for your mistakes. Mistakes are the way we learn how to and how not to live our life. I would teach my child how to love themselves as they are and to see the beauty they have within. I would try hard to teach them to love they way they look and not to be bothered by the opinions of others.

I would try to teach my child not to judge and to remember that they too are imperfect. No one is without sin or fault and that is a part of being a human. I would want them to understand that material possessions and wealth are just temporary means of happiness. That true happiness comes from within and no one can stop them from being happy unless they give that other person to do so. It is far better to tell the truth and face the consequences of your actions than to lie and face the consequences of the lie as well. Be true to yourself and be yourself regardless if others approve or not. For it is better to be who you really are than to live a lie of a life that makes you unhappy. Accept everyone for who and what they are for they are who they are and will only change when they decide to. Do not take any head to the differences of ones color, sex, religion, nationality or even their philosophy for they have the right to freewill. Love everyone and embrace the differences between each of us without judgment.

We are born as equals and we all die as equals so it is what you do in-between that makes all the difference. No man or woman is above or below one another for we are all the same in the end.  Speak kindly of others or say nothing of them at all for what you say can come back to haunt you. Think positive and act with compassion for how you live in your life is what defines who you are in the end. And last but not least that I would always love them no matter how they choose to live their life.

Teach your children how to be and how to live or someone else may teach them for you, and it may not be what you want them to learn.

Ray Barbier

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People relied on themselves and each other to survive

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For the most of us the issue today is survival, how to survive on the income we have in an economy that is hostile to the working mans wallet. Food prices keep rising, the job market is pretty stagnant and business are cutting hours if not jobs. We can not rely on our government to save us or to fix the problems. Big business can only fix the employment issues and we are the only ones that will save our selves. We can learn how to make money stretch, grow our own food and trim the fat from our financial lives from our grandparents and great-grandparents. Some of them lived through the great depression and a world war, times were very tough back then and people relied on themselves and each other to survive.

Our economy is based on consumerism, yet the companies cut pay, jobs and send work over seas. How can Americans be consumers without money or a job? The corporations are cutting their nose off spite their face, they want to save money to make higher profits but they take away the consumers jobs and money that supply the profits. So I say lets start growing gardens, raising livestock and making due with less of the products from the companies that ship work across the oceans and who are cutting wages, benefits and jobs to Americans. I understand it is a global economy now days more so than just a national one, but if you neglect those whom helped you to get rich they will eventually wise up and stop supporting you and / or purchasing your products and services.

Maybe we need to start going back to a bartering system between us working folk and keep our unessential purchases to a minimum. Maybe then the big corporations will learn that the working class and the impoverished are not to be messed with or taken for granted.

Self-reliance, community and co-operation are the things that built the great cities and nations of our world.

Ray Barbier

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The transition between traditional and green energy tech

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It amazes me, with the technological level of present day that we are still using carbon based fuels. You would think by now solar, wind and hydropower technologies would have advanced enough to become our primary sources of energy. Though I believe a lot of the problem is the greed of the corporations that supply the carbon based fuels, they can not monopolize the sun, wind or water and can not make enough profit off of such abundant and renewable energy sources. Unfortunately greed and the lust of power still plagues our world in both the private and governmental sectors. I understand the need for profit, but not at the expense of the earth or the species that live on it.

English: PS20 and PS10 in Andalusia, Spain

If our president wants to make a change towards greener energies then let us invest in the current technologies and help advance them to the point of making them more efficient. Solar power is one of the most promising energy technologies we have, if we can improve the percentage of the sun’s power we can harvest with solar panels from approximately 7% to around 25% or 30% it could make solar the best choice for green energy. Combine solar, wind and hydropower and we could cut down or eliminate the need for less eco-friendly energy sources. One of the downsides of going green is it will eliminate the need for coal as a main fuel source in generating energy which in turn will put countless coal miners out of work along with many small businesses that rely on the coal industry and its workers for an income. So if we are going to move towards greener technologies we must remember to put the industries involved in green tech creation in the areas that rely on coal as an economical source in order to supply new jobs for those that will be lost.


In the end we will either have to go green tech or alternative energy tech of some sort because there is only so much coal, oil and natural gas on this planet.  I just hope we remember the people who will be negatively affected by the closing of coal mines and other industries during the transitional period. If we cause economical distress during the transition between traditional and green energy tech we will do more harm than good. Until solar, wind and hydropower technologies are advanced enough to replace our present power sources we need to at least invest in clean coal technologies in order to make our energy creation more earth friendly.

Just a few thoughts on the problems at hand..

Ray Barbier

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We should take care of our brothers and sisters.

Hands of Homeless Man Receiving Bowl of Soup --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis  So many going hungry, starving and malnourished across our globe and there is plenty of food to go around. Many of the nations across our planet have a large surplus of food and a good bit of it will go to spoil, yet there are many people who are going hungry. So much food waste in restaurants, grocery stores and even in our homes that could have been a meal for a less fortunate person. Luckily some grocery stores do donate close dated food to local food banks and organizations. More businesses need to focus on using their near dated food as donations to food banks and charity organizations. Almost all of the religions on our planet support the idea of feeding the hungry and helping the less fortunate. We need to get beyond our religious differences and work together to help our fellow humans survive.

MP910221024 The welfare of our fellow humans is our responsibility as a species, we should take care of our brothers and sisters. If more of us were to volunteer to help food drives, food banks, soup kitchens or one of the many other efforts in aiding fellow humans there would be far less hunger, homelessness and suffering in the world. Helping the less fortunate is a pure form of compassion and is the way we should be. Regardless of your political, religious or philosophical view, the welfare of our brothers and sisters should be one of your high priorities. For one day you may be one of those unfortunate, homeless, hungry brothers or sisters in need of help.

We can go from fortunate to unfortunate in a matter of one day, so we should always have compassion for those in need and do what is within our abilities to aid our fellow humans.
Ray Barbier

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Change our focus back on God as well as the family.

There are so many unhappy, lonely and lost people out in the world. Some have the perfect mate, job or financial situation but still they are searching for something or someone. They get caught up in the illusion something external is going to make the happy or fill the emptiness inside. The only one who can make you happy or fill that void within besides yourself is God. You have to make the choice to be happy before you can find happiness, you must choose to love yourself before anyone else can love you. You must accept the love of God and start a personal relationship with him before the void will be filled.  You can have the perfect husband or wife and still feel the loneliness and the emptiness of the void within. It isn’t that your mate isn’t the right one, It more than likely the lack of a personal relationship with God. Even people who go to church every Sabbath and read the bible each day can still need to have a personal relationship with God.

God will help those who help themselves basically says that you have to make the first move in faith and God will be right beside you helping you along the way. In this modern world we focus too much on how much money we can make, what kind of clothes, gadgets and toys we can buy for ourselves and our children. We lost the closeness of family and we need to change our focus back on God as well as the family. The stress of keeping up with the Joneses or the Smiths keeps us so distracted from God and the family. We must remember we should live our lives for God first then the family and lastly for ourselves.  When we put other things and people before God we cease to worship god and begin worshiping materialism and the self. God wants us to be happy and have things but he wants us to do so in his honor and for his glory not our own.  This is where the emptiness comes from, when we tend to put other things before God, when we do that we close the door inside our hearts and minds to God’s love. That’s the pit, the emptiness, the lack of his love within us.

God, Family then the self.  The order in which things are needed to be done.
Ray Barbier

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So there is no rest for the mind, heart or for our weary soul.

p10056Too much information coming at us all and you can tune in 24 hours a day to all the murder and mayhem. Some of it fact, some conjecture the rest is not much more than rumor. Dirty laundry of the famous, wars on distant shores and the world’s next worse scenario. Too much negativity, violence and tragedy for the human heart to hold. Our mind get stuck in the fight or flight mode and it fills with fear of a possible disaster both far away and near. All of our technology makes us all like next door neighbors and brings us news instantly from across the globe. Too much, too fast and too often is the onslaught of the cold hand of reality and the bad news it brings. So there is no rest for the mind, heart or for our weary soul. We should just turn off the information flow and be happy, but we are way to addicted to it all. We love the adrenalin rush and the feeling of power we get from knowing of all the news and information flowing across our electronic universe.

tpl_7_ppl We are addicted to all the stimulation we get from television and we are heavily influenced  by the multitude of messages that they bring. We live in a generation of fear and we are paying for that mentally and physically. Independent thought is becoming a rare thing because we can’t escape the opinions we hear all day long. If you hear something said enough times you sometimes begin to agree with it or at least accept it. I love my electronics as much as the next guy and feel they are an asset to our species if we don’t forget to be human. We just need to turn them all off once in a while and just be human.  We need to interact with each other face to face, we need to have time to think our own thoughts and opinions as well.

Too much, too fast is too hard on our whole being. Take a break and breathe, enjoy the simpler things in life once in a while. Let your mind wander and let your imagination grow.
Ray Barbier

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Still the same person deep inside

rayraydI remember as a child I would befriend anyone at a drop of a hat, I didn’t care about your religious beliefs, color of your skin, nationality or if you were the same or very different from me. When I was a child all the prejudices and complications of having different religious beliefs were not a concern to me in any way. I accepted everyone as is and if you didn’t like me or were cruel to me I just would avoid you until you were friendly and nice to me. Forgiving others for me as a child was second nature and accepting others as they were was my first nature. Now that I am older I still pretty much follow the same philosophies as when I was young, the only difference is I have to fight all the influences of the world as I do. Seems when we grow up we start making a simple process much more complicated for reasons that yet elude me.

I believe a lot of the problem with us when we grow up is we begin embracing the fear we shrugged off as children. Instead of letting go of fear and embracing compassion and understanding we embrace fear. The fear we faced as children was easily shrugged off because we had faith in our family, friends, other human beings and in a higher power. As we grow older we lose faith in one or not all of those things or at least our faith is weakened considerably as we grow older. I looked at everyone and everything as a part of my world and a part of a large family as a child. No one was a stranger and if you were a stranger it wasn’t for long. Some say that was naïveté and ignorance to the dangers of the world, I say it was faith in my fellow humans, compassion and understanding at work.

003The only times I was mad at others as a child is when I believed someone was being treated unkindly or unfair. I didn’t seem to like people taking advantage of each other, bullying each other or causing some kind of pain to others. But even though I would get mad and if I could stand up for the oppressed I quickly forgave the person or persons doing the wrong. Seems I lived in the now and let the past go easier back then. It is amazing how much we can learn from our youth both from the good things and the mistakes we had made. Though I know its impossible to be a child again and think exactly like I did, I can try to embrace the better qualities I lost during my years of life. I can revisit the memories of who I was and re awaken the child within me. Though I have grown up I am still the same person deep inside, I can shed the fear and the need for complication within my life.

Who I was as a child is the core of who I am now. It is that core which I must embrace and it is fear and the complication complex I must shed.
Ray Barbier

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