The new TV, Internet Television

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  Digital Media is becoming the norm now days, with mp3/mp4 players and hdmi HD video streaming available from the net to your TV there is very little left to explore. There is of course shoutcast a long living internet radio streaming system and Orb a full media streaming system for pc and Mac. So much to choose from and so little effort required to set up almost any type of multimedia system. Places like and give people the ability to find creative commons licensed and public domain movies, music and E-books. Don’t forget about Google books another good source for free and creative commons licensed E-books.

  So much to choose from with the world wide web at ones fingertips and thus a new network is growing. The World Wide Multimedia Net, Information in all media formats and entertainment at your fingertips. I foresee a struggle from cable companies and satellite providers to stop the newer form of media transmission but eventually they will adapt and turn what now is free and cheap to another expensive commercial ran entertainment venue. In time they will take over just like they did in all other previous media services and push the hobbyist and small business people out of the new market.

This had already happened in the internet radio industry, the big music companies made it almost impossible for a hobbyist to legally run a internet based radio station. They lobbied congress until a bill was passed to force hobbyist to pay high priced loyalties even if their station didn’t earn money and was for fun or not. Given time the same will happen to the video sites we enjoy and the creative commons movement if we don’t support their efforts.

Maybe if we are lucky the new media revolution on the web for video will not succumb to the same fate as the internet radio stations. Would be nice to have Internet TV that is both commercial and hobbyist in order to keep the programming affordable and diverse. But more than likely the big boys of the corporate world will once again squeeze all of the little guys out before they have a chance to grow.

Well enough Ranting for now
Peace to All
Raymond Barbier

Right and Wrong, The Conflict within us all.

The Resurrection from Grünewald's Isenheim Alt...The conflicts we suffer within us are there to serve us by giving us eventual direction in life. Morality versus Self Gratification is usually the main conflict that stirs within our inner selves. To know what is right and wrong comes with penalties, Every selfish and inhumane action we have tends to carry a heavy cost with it. But in turn the selfless and compassionate actions too carry a reward if not sometimes a price. Though I would rather pay the price for doing what is right than for what is wrong, usually my selfishness gets in the way at times. The internal conflicts within us are basically the battle between right and wrong.

Being human sometimes it is very hard to decipher what is right or wrong because there are so many fine lines between the two. Usually as a rule is if it causes harm to another person then it is considered wrong, If it benefits the other person or everyone then it is considered good and or right. Though there are some situations that these rules would not and could not be applied and that is when I myself just try to find the least hurtful and or damaging choice. I try to live by the ideal that if you make others happy along with helping  them to the best of your ability while avoiding doing any kind of harm then you have chosen the right path. This includes ones own self, Respect is not to be a one way street and neither is compassion.

I guess the inner conflicts within us all will continue as long as we struggle to balance the needs and wants of the self with the needs and wants of others. Right and wrong, Good and evil are concepts mankind embraced in order to find a means in which to better society and help the progression of civilization.

The creator (GOD) gave us the code of conduct known as the ten commandments to help guide mankind to a better way of life and he also sent Jesus Christ as a teacher and savior. Jesus came to not only fulfill the law but to teach mankind forgiveness, compassion and the true spirit of love. He showed all of us by example his compassion towards the sick and the sinners he came across in his time here on earth, He taught us to forgive and to turn the other cheek along with to love one another.

To be selfish and without compassion is to allow yourself  to be surrounded by those whom have little regard for you or your survival. As the old saying goes “Birds of the same feather flock together”. So you will become surrounded by others who are much like yourself and you will be treated like that which you treat others. I also belive that if you do someone harm eventualy through a chain reaction the harm will come full circle back to you. This of course works with compassion and selfless acts,they also will come around in full circle eventually. This is the concept of karma and  the only problem with Karma is sometimes its instant and sometimes it takes a lifetime, but eventually what comes around does go around. So I guess there is wisdom in the old saying " Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’".

Well enough of my Ramblings for today
May peace fill your heart and compassion be your guide.
Raymond Barbier

Space 1999

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Been Many of years since I have seen the Sci-Fi Series of Space 1999, Though it has that 1970’s Campy feel to it considering the special effects technology of the day and the limit of plausible scientific theories used in the show it still is quite entertaining. The computers in the series were gigantic and controlled by unlabeled rows of buttons (quite large buttons). The Time warp back to the 1970’s technology is entertaining in itself, the outfits and hairstyles make it even more entertaining. The series of course gets better when they add a character called Maya who can transform into what ever organic creature she can see.

The Black suns they use in the series we now call black holes and the nuclear explosion that supposed to propel the moon out of orbit into a high speed trek across the universe is of course not plausible but that adds to the campy charm of the series. For those sci-fi buffs looking for a classic TV Sci-fi series from the 70’s this is one of a few I would recommend.

To learn more about space 1999 you can follow this Wiki link –>>

Looking Backward, Looking at Today

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 Looking backwards and longing for the days of youth, forgetting the best time of our lives is here and now. Age does not only take from us the vitality of youth but brings us wisdom and the greatness of experience. So I may not look as young and as good as i did 20 years ago, I still am here and can enjoy life. The superficial things that I have supposedly lost were nothing to me when i had them so they remain nothing to me now as they fade away.

Fortunate for me I was never the Hunk or Stud in my youth, I was just the average Joe who muddled through his teen years in a confused and lonely state of mind. Still confused in my middle age and sometimes still deal with loneliness but only when I allow the illusion to blind me from the love around me. I may not have all I dreamed of having but I do have all I need. The only regret I have is the loss of friends through the years from moving and from their passing on. Friendship is something I value and see as one of the many keys to happiness.

The greatest gift of growing old to me is that I do not worry about others peoples opinions of me as much as I used to. I worry more about my self image more than the image others perceive me as. I still care about other peoples feelings and well being as much if not more now as I approach my mid 40’s. Seems to me what I do affects all those around me, so I try to make sure what I do and say is either neutral or positive if all possible.

Music still is the driving force behind me and my life, I may never have made it into a band or the music industry per se but I still love a wide selection of musical genres and do not limit myself to the POP Genres. I will listen to about any type of music that comes my way. Without music I feel my life would be without any type of fun or direction. Babbling on I am in this post, seems my mind once again is in its transient stage. Ever wandering and pondering on thought after thought. Like a blender full of ideas and dreams spinning round and round, Churning and mixing while spitting out bits of one thing or another. This I guess is another part of growing old, your mind starts to become fuddled and chaotic at times and then it goes on vacation permanently.

Looking at today and forgetting what yesterday was while knowing the future will bring what it pleases regardless of my plans and wishes. Carpe Diem, seize the moment as the old phrase goes. Live for today and enjoy it before it becomes yet another forgotten yesterday. Remember the past but live in it not, It served us well when it was a today and reminds us of what to and not to do but that is all it is for now that today is here.

Peace and Prosperity to All
Raymond Barbier

Alpha, Beta and Bullies

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A Man is allot like a coin because There is two sides to his personality, one dominant and one the seldom seen. The dominant side of the coin/man is what you see every day and is usually either aggressive ,controlling and or cold and intellectual side of him. This either can be manifested in a Macho or a passive aggressive persona. The other side of the coin is mainly what he considers to be his weaknesses and soft spots per se. The nurturing, caring and more emotional.

As young boys we are taught that showing emotions and or crying is not manlike and we usually would be ridiculed by our peers if not by adult men for such behavior. On the other hand we were praised when we excelled in sports or any other form of physical activity. Some boys were even coached to be bullies and or aggressive towards the less physically inclined males. Basically the alpha male syndrome promoted by our fathers who thought it would insure our success in the future.

In the days of hunting/gathering this was a practice that was surely needed to teach the boys in the tribe to survive and defend the group. As Civilization started to flourish this mentality was carried on into the fields of hunter and military. In modern times the practices of teaching aggression and alpha male-ism is still around the only problem is that it is not kept in check by rules and boundaries. With such large populations and a over crowded  public school system it causes many social dysfunctions such as the development of the gang mentality.

  There has been allot of noise on the news channels about the bullying problem in our school systems and on the internet. This is the alpha male/female syndrome in a perverted form. With no one to keep the young alphas in their place until they mature enough to distinguish between self preservation and cruel intimidation or abuse allows for the terrible results we have seen such as suicide and hospitalization.

Though there is still a need for the alpha and beta rankings among the children for the sake of both human survival and the process of learning the ranking system in society it should be done with respect. Respect is a word along with honor that is no longer thought in homes and schools like it used to. Self Respect and Respect for others should be the first lessons we teach our youths, then we should teach them of honor and integrity for that is what makes humans civilized.

We seem to spend more time pointing fingers towards who we want to be at fault for our children being aggressive and disrespectful instead of trying to correct the problem. Far as blame I will tell you it is each and every one of our faults, for if we do not work together to try and change the direction of our youth we all will face a future that may not be as bright as we would hope. To teach our children honor, self respect, respect for others and integrity we ourselves must lead in example. For the one thing that has not changed throughout the years is that the children learn allot of their behaviors from the parents and peers around them.

  Agree or disagree with my ideals , but you can not disagree that their is a problem in the way our children are viewing and interacting with life. To be fair there are many children and teens that are wonderful and quite full of honor and respect but it takes only one or two bad apples to spoil the barrel. Parents, teachers and the community need to come together to address the issues that are at hand and work together to help our youth to flourish and thrive in the right ways and directions.

Enough of my Silly thoughts for now
Peace and Prosperity to All
Raymond Barbier

Environment or Independence?

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Today I am going to talk about Green and Renewable Sources of energy and how it is not only about the environment as much it is about fuel and energy independence for the United States. The fact is a major part of our income is spent fueling our cars, trucks, SUVs and other motorized vehicles both commercial and recreational. The fuel is derived from crude oil that we buy mostly from foreign sources and a small percentage is from our own oil reserves along with bio-fuels and or ethanol. Our energy such as electricity is mainly fueled by local sources of fuels but they are both bad for the environment and non renewable. Eventually we will run out of coal, crude oil and even the large deposits of natural gas to fuel our transportation and our power plants. Of course there is Nuclear power but then you have the radioactive waste to consider along with the slight chance of a incident similar to Chernobyl or three mile island etc.

Many avenues are being researched such as bio-fuels derived from algae and the more common corn alcohol ethanol as viable supplements or replacements. Some have ventured into Hydrogen Fuel Cells as a possibility for transportation yet it still is not financially nor environmentally feasible at the current level of technology. Wind and Solar are nice supplemental sources for electricity if there is enough solar exposure and wind speed to generate the power needed. Both those technologies are still quite expensive at this time but are becoming less expensive as the technologies are refined and used. Hydro Power  is one of the more cost effective ideals in generating energy but it does cause some problems for the wildlife that inhabit the rivers and also can increase erosion along with changes the ecology of the surrounding area of the river.

Recently it was brought to my attention that at the University of St. Louis they have created a Fuel Cell that utilizes Sugar to create energy. The main Byproduct is water yet they are still refining the process and at this time they have proven it can recharge maybe a laptop or cell phone using this Bio Fuel Cell. There always seems to be some sort of cost to the creation and utilization of fuels and electricity. We just have to figure out the most efficient and less costly way to both keep the lights on and get us where we need to go. One thing myself would love to see is the glass bottle coming back as the container of choice for water and beverages. Glass is a very recyclable container and we sure don’t have a shortage on sand. Plus to me glass seemed to have no effect on the taste of a beverage when I still can taste the plastic when drinking beverages.

Well enough of my Tree Hugging and American Independence Babbling for Now.
Peace to All  R. Barbier

Read E-Books On a PC, Mac, I-Phone or I-pad

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I wrote earlier about a E-Book found on and the various file formats that are supported. Besides Acrobat Reader that reads the PDF files there are several other Free E-Book Reader Programs Available for PC and Mac Below is a list for those who (Like me) either can not afford a Kindle or another E-Book Reader Device and want to read The Books on My Pc/Laptop/Netbook or Mac etc..

Kindle Reader Available for Mac, pc, I phone, Android, Blackberry and even I pad.
To Get The Kindle Reader Software Go To Amazon Free Kindle Software

There is also FBReader which is available for Windows and Linux based systems. Fbreader supports several E-book formats but the main one is Epub which is used at many libraries across the U.S. To Get FBReader go to FBReader’s Homepage

There is the standby of Acrobat Reader that supports the PDF file format. and can be downloaded at

Well Hope this is helpful for those of us out there that may want to skip paying 99 dollars or better for a Electronic Book Reader Device and don’t mind using what we have to get the many free and paid for books out there.

Well peace for now
R. Barbier

Doing the Right Thing.

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Doing a good deed or action with no thought of any reward is truly the most humble and holiest of acts one can produce. To do something with no desire for reward and for the good of someone or something else is the true path to inner peace and happiness. The thing is no matter if you desire reward for and action there is always the satisfaction of doing what is right. That feeling of satisfaction to me is far more precious and important than any monetary or material gain.

The thing is the satisfaction you feel is a mirror of the happiness and peace you brought to the one you selflessly  helped out. Even if the one you helped seems unappreciative it still doesn’t rob you of the goodness you shared nor the satisfaction of a good deed done well. The only way you are robed of the satisfaction is if you focus on the lack of appreciation above the fact and truth you did what was good and or right.

Another good thing about helping out others is you seem to look at your own problems and trials in life to be less important if not less severe than you once had. You also realize that you are not the only one with problems. To do what is right because it is right, is the most honorable and humane thing to do.

Well enough of my Babbling for now.
Peace to All
R. Barbier

TRANCE Formation of America – A open source E-book

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TRANCE Formation of America is the documented autobiography of a victim of government mind control Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation. It is an interesting read and is a Open source Book so freed to download in many popular E Reader Formats such as PDF, EPUB, Kindle ,Daisy ,Full Text and DjVu

To Download and read Transformation of America go to to the Link Below.

A Day of Birth and Reflections of Years Past.

Loreto Home of Compassion.

Another year has past and one more year closer to growing old
Another year gone and with it the world grows even more cold

Cold the world might be but that does not phase the love i feel
The world grows more selfish and that is something that is real.

The light is growing dimmer each day as life slowly slips away from us all.
The source of love still remains strong and we should answer its call.

God is the light that will never burn out and we are mere reflections of his undying love.
His son came to teach us compassion and forgiveness with the gentleness of a dove.

Unfortunately mankind grows arrogant and their hearts are full of a very selfish pride.
Greed and corruption rules over most and from the aftermath there may be nowhere to hide.

With age comes wisdom, experience and  hind sight is always 20/20 as we all know.
The piece of wisdom I try to share is to always let your love and compassion show.

Mistakes we may all make in the life we are granted and to learn from them is the key.
Anger is quick to destroy the love and compassion that resides in both you and me.

If you take anything from all the things i write I hope it is to love one another both freely and unconditionally.
For life is too short to hold grudges, place/carry blame for mistakes intentionally done or unintentionally.

Live life to the fullest and don’t allow fear to rule your world for it will only stop you from truly living life.
Don’t hang on to regrets or anger for all that will do is fill your world with unneeded and undeserved strife.

Peace to all
R. Barbier