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Environment or Independence?

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Today I am going to talk about Green and Renewable Sources of energy and how it is not only about the environment as much it is about fuel and energy independence for the United States. The fact is a major part of our income is spent fueling our cars, trucks, SUVs and other motorized vehicles both commercial and recreational. The fuel is derived from crude oil that we buy mostly from foreign sources and a small percentage is from our own oil reserves along with bio-fuels and or ethanol. Our energy such as electricity is mainly fueled by local sources of fuels but they are both bad for the environment and non renewable. Eventually we will run out of coal, crude oil and even the large deposits of natural gas to fuel our transportation and our power plants. Of course there is Nuclear power but then you have the radioactive waste to consider along with the slight chance of a incident similar to Chernobyl or three mile island etc.

Many avenues are being researched such as bio-fuels derived from algae and the more common corn alcohol ethanol as viable supplements or replacements. Some have ventured into Hydrogen Fuel Cells as a possibility for transportation yet it still is not financially nor environmentally feasible at the current level of technology. Wind and Solar are nice supplemental sources for electricity if there is enough solar exposure and wind speed to generate the power needed. Both those technologies are still quite expensive at this time but are becoming less expensive as the technologies are refined and used. Hydro Power  is one of the more cost effective ideals in generating energy but it does cause some problems for the wildlife that inhabit the rivers and also can increase erosion along with changes the ecology of the surrounding area of the river.

Recently it was brought to my attention that at the University of St. Louis they have created a Fuel Cell that utilizes Sugar to create energy. The main Byproduct is water yet they are still refining the process and at this time they have proven it can recharge maybe a laptop or cell phone using this Bio Fuel Cell. There always seems to be some sort of cost to the creation and utilization of fuels and electricity. We just have to figure out the most efficient and less costly way to both keep the lights on and get us where we need to go. One thing myself would love to see is the glass bottle coming back as the container of choice for water and beverages. Glass is a very recyclable container and we sure don’t have a shortage on sand. Plus to me glass seemed to have no effect on the taste of a beverage when I still can taste the plastic when drinking beverages.

Well enough of my Tree Hugging and American Independence Babbling for Now.
Peace to All  R. Barbier