Choose your own path to follow

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You have only one life to live in this time and in this space.
What you say and do is what counts in the life we face.
Trials of our heart and tests of our will we must face along the path we chose.
We must be true to ourselves and reap our rewards as well as pay our dues.
We are responsible for our own lives and those lives we have influenced along the way.
Life as short as it is we must make the most of each moment and always seize the day.
Follow the golden rule and treat others with kindness and respect the rights of others.
Regardless of ones race, religion and nationality we all are spiritual sisters and brothers.
Cast off your fear and embrace the truth that is within your heart as well as your mind.
Open your eyes to the world that is around you and you might be surprised what you may find.
Awaken from the deep sleep your mind and heart is in to live life to the fullest everyday.
Be who you truly are and walk a path of understanding and embrace the truth in every way.
Choose your own path to follow and be the person you want to be.
Know thyself and be true to your feelings and let your mind be free.

ok, enough babbling for now
Peace, Raymond Barbier

Algae, A health food, possible fuel source?

100_0063 Algae, A health food, possible fuel source? The many possibilities for algae are yet discovered. A DHA supplement from algal oil had been used in a research project by Kaiser Permanente and have found 1000 mg of algal oil can reduce triglycerides more effectively than a fish oil supplement.

Excerpt from

“DHA alone can lower triglycerides, says study

07/02/2007 – A study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition concluded that the American Heart Association’s recommended cardio protective dose of omega-3 fatty acids can lower triglycerides in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) – whether the lipids come in the form of DHA combined with EPA or just DHA alone.

The study, conducted through Kaiser Permanente Colorado, involved 116 patients with coronary artery disease and triglycerides greater than 200 mg/dL, approximately 90 percent of whom were on statin drugs.  The groups of participants were supplemented DHA alone, or DHA combined with EPA.“

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Several Energy companies and government agencies have been studying the possibilities of making Algae fuel.

Excerpt from Wikipedia

Algae fuel is an alternative to fossil fuel and uses algae as its source of natural deposits. Several companies and government agencies are funding efforts to reduce capital and operating costs and make algae fuel production commercially viable.[1] The production of biofuels from algae does not reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), because any CO2 taken out of the atmosphere by the algae is returned when the biofuels are burned. They do however potentially reduce the introduction of new CO2 by displacing fossil hydrocarbon fuels.

High oil prices, competing demands between foods and other biofuel sources, and the world food crisis, have ignited interest in algaculture (farming algae) for making vegetable oil, biodiesel, bioethanol, biogasoline, biomethanol, biobutanol and other biofuels, using land that is not suitable for agriculture.”

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So what other wonders will algae have in store for us in the future? Algae is being used as fertilizer, a nutrient source and for pollution control already. It is a very useful and versatile plant and I expect many more uses will be discovered in the near future.

Well Enough of my babling for now.
Peace to all
Raymond Barbier

One person could start a change in the world


Most people would like to change the world in one way or another. The only way to enact change on a large scale one must start with their own selves and start a chain reaction.To change the world we live in is really to change the opinions and beliefs of those who live in it. How can one person get everyone to change their opinions and beliefs? Well One person is all it takes to start a chain reaction of change, look at the 60’s in America how just a few spawned the hippie movement. Look how cults form under the ideas of one person and grow to become large communities such as Waco Texas and the Jim Jones  following. Though these may be negative examples of change , they prove that just one or a few can influence the many.

In a Technological information age as ours the power of one voice can influence a world of people in just seconds if not minutes. Television, Radio and internet are great tools to educate and get your message out to the public. Through these mediums you can either influence others for the good or the bad. Even with such great tools at ones fingertips you must be a leader and be one who leads by example to get others to acknowledge your ideas and philosophy. So start the change in yourself, show others the results and live by your philosophies / beliefs. As the old saying goes the proof is in the pudding, if you cant live by what you preach no one will believe or accept your ideals.

I mean would you follow a man who preaches love and peace while he murders people in the name of his philosophy or religion? Or would you stay at a church where its preacher who breaks every commandment while proclaiming he is either pure or innocent? I wouldn’t follow or believe in either of them, if you can not live by your beliefs and try to follow the rules of your philosophy then why should anyone else. This of course is not saying any preacher or leader will never fall or fail at times for we are all human and prone to make mistakes. With ones actions and freewill is a price we all must pay. The price is responsibility of our own actions and or choices we make. Even the words we speak are our responsibility, for if you mislead someone to their harm or to their disgrace you are responsible for that harm or disgrace.

So one person could start a change in the world and the world could change by the actions and words of one person. One person can change themselves and by doing so influence the change in others around them.

Enough of my Babble and Ramble Thoughts.

Peace and Wisdom be the Prize you seek
Raymond Barbier.

Karma, Choose your words and actions wisely

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Everyday is a new beginning that brings with it another chance to change your life and the world you live in. The things you have done and said are now the past leaving you open to make better choices today. You must leave the poor choices of yesterday behind you along with the negative thought processes that can hold you back from progressing forward. Learn from both the mistakes and the good choices you have made in the past, so you can avoid the pitfalls of yesterday and embrace the fruits of your good decisions.

As both nature and science have proven that the actions one takes creates an equal reaction. Sometimes our actions can effect others around us greatly and other times it only effects us. We are responsible for our words and actions so we should think before we choose which action to take. The harm we can cause to others will eventually come back on us in one form or another. This is also true to the good we can do for those around us. Do good or evil and you will reap the rewards of the seeds you have sown.

This concept is known as karma, Karma is basically the idea that what comes around goes around. Here is a definition of karma from Wikipedia

“’Karma’ is an Indian religious concept in contradistinction to ‘faith’ espoused by Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), which view all human dramas as the will of God as opposed to present—and past—life actions. In theistic schools of Hinduism, humans have free will to choose good or evil and suffer the consequences, which require the will of God to implement karma’s consequences, unlike Buddhism or Jainism which do not accord any role to a supreme God or Gods. In Indian beliefs, the karmic effects of all deeds are viewed as actively shaping past, present, and future experiences. The results or ‘fruits’ of actions are called karma-phala.

So think before you say or do something, you never know what the consequences may be. Choose wisely and you will find good begets good.

Enough Rambling for now

Peace, Raymond Barbier

Thoughts on Personal Change


It may be true that only you can change yourself, but others can influence your choices and help direct you in a better direction. By setting up a enriching environment you can encourage positive change in yourself and in others. Though the choice to change is in the hand of the individual, the people and environment around that individual plays a significant part in influencing his or her choice of what changes to make. We change ourselves everyday, little by little and those changes are effected by both our environment and the personal influences we choose. If you don’t know there is a better path to walk and that the one your on is heading towards ruin, then how and why would you change your path?

Lets say you live in a gang controlled city and all you ever see and know is death, drugs and violence. Your mindset will be that there is no other choices besides being a gang member or being a victim. You would be resistant to the idea that you can raise above the city and its negative environment. It is hard to see the light when your surrounded by darkness, your instincts will tell you to adapt and become a part of the system to survive. Now you move to the suburb where there is less crime and violence, you see there is other options besides being a gang member or victim.

Basically you can only change into that which you believe is possible. If you are unaware of anything other than what you are then your limited by that lack of knowledge. This is where others can inspire change and help direct others to change for the better. Giving others the knowledge that there is more options out there than they perceive gives them the ability to make better choices. This has been proven through such community programs as big brother and many other mentor programs across the globe. Even programs such as the Boy & Girl  Scouts have inspired change in the youth of America.

Well enough of my Babbling

Peace to All

Raymond Barbier