Just some random thoughts that came to mind

IMG_1283So, This is the life you have chosen. Where you are and what you’re doing along with how your feeling is the result of all your choices in life both good and bad. You made your bed, guess now you have to lay in it. Wait, what? um… Not right… You can always make choices now to change the course of your life and the bed you made can always be remade again. Some consequences you may have to face but then you can always move on afterwards and make a better life for yourself by making your choices more wisely. You are the master of your own life and destiny, you can always make a choice to change your life. Though sometimes it’s a hard and painstaking task to take on, but it isn’t an impossible one.

First choice anyone has to make when trying to change their life is to not be a victim or defeatist., instead be an optimist who will not allow themselves to be a victim of chance or circumstance. Unfortunately there is no magic bullet or instant fix when it comes to improving ones self and life,  it’s all hard work. I look at it like this, anything worth having or anything worth seeking is well worth any effort that it takes in order to obtain them. Choose to be and to transform into the person you want to be and make sure that what you choose to become is something you can both respect and live with.

Just some random thoughts that came to mind

Ray Barbier

Open our Eyes to Truly see the Beauty

One Life, One Goal, One God, Infinite Possibilities

Nature, it’s such an eye opener to me on days like we had today. To walk along the train tracks, with the wind blowing and the sun as bright that you are able to feel the heat beating down on you, that’s such a great feeling that I never want to take it granted. Walking among the beauty, even of the sights of a little town as I live in is breath-taking that it makes any day, good or bad and turns it all around, makes you forget about reality for at least the present moment your experiencing, right?
This week go outdoors if your able and soak in all that this great spring weather has to offer and I’m for sure you will want it to last forever. To be thankful we are able to see the beauty and to really enjoy every bit that we can cause when…

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Forget about the unchangeable past and live in the now

DSC_0323bRegret, the enemy of happiness and being at peace with one’s self. Regret of the things undone, unsaid and missed out on through ones life are nothing but obstructions in one’s path to happiness. Regret that last longer than a short moment is but the lack of the ability to forgive yourself for your mistakes and/or shortcomings. If you can’t undo or make up for the wrongs you’ve done or if the opportunities you’ve missed are far gone then why waste any time or energy on them. Far as the wrongs you can bring to right and the opportunities you still can utilize they should be your main focus to accomplish. Forgive yourself, forget about the unchangeable past and live in the now, do not make more situations to regret by hanging on to the dead weight of things that are beyond you ability to control or change.

Free yourself of living in the past so you can make the most of the present, free your heart of the burdens of past mistakes to make room for the happiness, love and serenity that you deserve.

Ray Barbier

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