Dangers of Living in Ones Past

Do you find yourself always looking behind you regretting the things you have or should have done? Well most of us do look behind ourselves once and awhile to remind us of past mistakes and lost friends and family. This is  quite normal and also therapeutic if it is not a everyday occurrence.

When we tend to look back too much we start forgetting to enjoy the things we do have and the neglect the relationships we are currently in. Just like it is very difficult to walk backwards and get somewhere fast without stumbling allot it is also difficult to live in the  past and present at the same time. Learn from your past not live in your past. And yes its not as easy as it sounds, To some of us we have made living in the past a way of life. Basically it becomes a bad habit hard to quit, But like all habits it can be curbed and or ended.

Of course its a long process to change a habit, But you can curb it little by little. I usually just remind myself when thinking too much on the past that even though it could have been different that it can not be changed. I also work on forgiving myself for the mistakes and wrong decisions along with reminding myself I am only human. In the end everyone must find their own method of dealing with the fact that the past is the past and is an unchangeable fact of life. So good luck to those who also has the same bad habit as I, and Live for today not for the days gone past.

Peace and God Bless

Raymond Barbier

Consumerism or Self Preservationist?

Times are changing and probably not for the better, it is time for all Americans to get back to basics. We need to follow our grandparents and great grandparents examples on self reliance. Almost every family back in the day had a garden of some kind and many of them raised chickens and other small farm animals to supplement their food supply. Now days we just run to the local supermarket or fast food restaurant for our daily meals. Which that’s all fine and dandy when your in a booming economy but when times get tough it is not quite the best way to live. There are so many of us if our food supply were to be interrupted or our electric/gas supply we would starve and freeze etc… Fewer homes contain a alternative heating or cooking source and most families have less than a week supply of food on hand.

This leaves most of us in dire straits when a emergency arrives. Besides that fact the cost of food is rising exponentially and growing your own food is a far more nutritious and economical choice. Good news is that most Americans are already waking up to that reality and we as a nation are slowly moving away from total consumption mindedness to a more self preservation mind set. Last but not least we also are starting to enjoy the more simple things in life that by the way are usually free if not quite inexpensive.

Until Next Time

Peace and God Bless

Raymond Barbier

Bail out the banks but forget the People

Seems it always comes down to the fact We the People is referring to the big business and politicians of our wonderful country. And i am not sure if it is our lack of judgment on who we elect to represent us or the fact that the majority of politicians are just plain liars, but the poor and middle class always seem to get the short end of the stick every time. So far President Obama is keeping most of his promises and is helping the middle class and below.

And like usual the Republicans are opposing every effort made by a Democrat President , which the Democrats are guilty of doing the same in the past also.
The Bi-Partisan ideal is a good one but is unlikely to happen in our lifetime unfortunately. Their own party is far more important to them than the people they represent. Neither side can argue they are innocent of that, and until they realize it is the people that elected them that is their main priority we will always be the last thing on their elected little minds.

Now do not get me wrong, I am all for the multi party system and how the electoral system works , just i am not too impressed with the results of it at this time. I just wish they would stop playing their games and get down to fixing the problems at hand here in the United States. Until then I guess the CEO’s of large banks and corporations will have nice paychecks paid by the tax dollars of the middleclass and poor. Sometimes I wonder if they would have gave each American the bail out money if it would have stimulated the economy better. Just think we all could have paid all our debt off which in turn would have gave banks money to loan and we could have spent some on products that would have stimulated the economy. Oh well I am no Economist so maybe that would have failed to work but sure sounds better to this below middleclass man.

Peace to all and God Bless

Raymond Barbier

Healthcare in The United States


Seems we are one of the very few nations to deprive basic healthcare to our citizens. With our complex and high priced healthcare system only those who are wealthy can afford decent healthcare. A average person working for close to the minimum wage either has a Insurance package from their employers that is more of a discount card than insurance or they are without coverage at all. President Obama’s plan may cover the children but leave the parents of those children in a real bind. If the parents are sick and or die who is left to care for the children is what I ask.

Another issue is Dental, Have you ever looked for dental insurance? If so you know that is basically non existent.
And seems Obama overlooks the great importance oral hygiene and health is to the rest of the human body. There is some research that states that bad oral health is linked to bad cardiovascular health. But the basic ability to properly digest food and the infectious nature of poor oral health is the main issue. Our insurance system and health system in the USA is really in need of a overhaul.

The Problem is well known, the solution is yet to be found, It is going to have to be Federal,State and Healthcare system combined effort to make a viable solution.