Consumerism or Self Preservationist?

Times are changing and probably not for the better, it is time for all Americans to get back to basics. We need to follow our grandparents and great grandparents examples on self reliance. Almost every family back in the day had a garden of some kind and many of them raised chickens and other small farm animals to supplement their food supply. Now days we just run to the local supermarket or fast food restaurant for our daily meals. Which that’s all fine and dandy when your in a booming economy but when times get tough it is not quite the best way to live. There are so many of us if our food supply were to be interrupted or our electric/gas supply we would starve and freeze etc… Fewer homes contain a alternative heating or cooking source and most families have less than a week supply of food on hand.

This leaves most of us in dire straits when a emergency arrives. Besides that fact the cost of food is rising exponentially and growing your own food is a far more nutritious and economical choice. Good news is that most Americans are already waking up to that reality and we as a nation are slowly moving away from total consumption mindedness to a more self preservation mind set. Last but not least we also are starting to enjoy the more simple things in life that by the way are usually free if not quite inexpensive.

Until Next Time

Peace and God Bless

Raymond Barbier

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