Dangers of Living in Ones Past

Do you find yourself always looking behind you regretting the things you have or should have done? Well most of us do look behind ourselves once and awhile to remind us of past mistakes and lost friends and family. This is  quite normal and also therapeutic if it is not a everyday occurrence.

When we tend to look back too much we start forgetting to enjoy the things we do have and the neglect the relationships we are currently in. Just like it is very difficult to walk backwards and get somewhere fast without stumbling allot it is also difficult to live in the  past and present at the same time. Learn from your past not live in your past. And yes its not as easy as it sounds, To some of us we have made living in the past a way of life. Basically it becomes a bad habit hard to quit, But like all habits it can be curbed and or ended.

Of course its a long process to change a habit, But you can curb it little by little. I usually just remind myself when thinking too much on the past that even though it could have been different that it can not be changed. I also work on forgiving myself for the mistakes and wrong decisions along with reminding myself I am only human. In the end everyone must find their own method of dealing with the fact that the past is the past and is an unchangeable fact of life. So good luck to those who also has the same bad habit as I, and Live for today not for the days gone past.

Peace and God Bless

Raymond Barbier

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