Ramblings on Religion

  Religious Prejudice is nothing more than the fear of something we do not understand and the hate of anything that is not like ourselves. In a country such as the united states that as founded on the principle of freedom of religion it sad to see such religious prejudice. Our ancestors fled to America to get away from the countries that wouldn’t allow them to worship in the way they wanted. Religion is a personal choice and right, no other human has a right to say another must believe as they do.

 No I am not saying it is wrong to go out and teach what you believe, just that you must respect those who do not believe the same as you do. And I still can not see how anyone could say their religion gives them the right to go out and kill others because they believe different. Most religions tell them to love one another and be compassionate if not to at least be tolerant of others.

 I guess it is easy to interpret holy scriptures to help your cause. There have been many in almost every religion who have. But for some reason man always misses the main point that their religions make and that is to be like brothers, love one another and live in peace. Judgement is for the creator to do in the end time, and not for us to do.

Problems with Sentry Pro XFC flea and tick medication

Several Weeks ago I applied Sentry Pro XFC on my dog Jake and by the next day he was chewing himself allot along with acting very nervous. by that night he also started dry heaving. After searching the Internet I saw that this has been a very common and dangerous reaction to the Flea & Tick medication I had applied. Luckily Jake did not suffer the kidney failure or extended stomach from the dry heaving.

The Blog that I have found allot of good advice in dealing with this problem is


I suggest going there but I also Suggest calling your vet also.


Most people take their family for granted and let years pass by before they realize that family is a very important part of life. Some families don’t get together unless there is a death in the family and that’s quite sad. Though usually it is not done that way on purpose or with any malice but life seems to consume us to the point we forget what is really important. My dad was one of those who saw that family was important, not only his blood related but his extended family. If anything I learned that from my dad.

 Family is our foundation in life and friends are the roof so without one or the other our life would be like a house not built. Which leaves us alone in the hostile world we live in. So cherish the friends you have and love and revere the family you are in.

 Even in his death my dad taught me that our family has grown quite distant over the years. Some of it is due to all of us being so far away from each other and the rest is from the daily burdens of life that stretched us apart. But there is no better time than the present to try and grow back together is what I think.

Well enough Random Thought For Today

Peace to all of you

Raymond Barbier

The world of today

The sun rises and our eyes open to see a world full of color and light. The birds sing their songs and we hear the sounds of life all around us. That moment happens so quickly and then is gone. We fade back into our humanistic perception of time and space and leave the wonders of the world behind. We journey out into the day only focused on the world of man and not on the world man really lives in. While so called scientists debate if mankind has played a part in our present ecological dilemma the world is slowly changing and is becoming a hostile place.

  I think the scientist got the wrong question far as who or what caused the climate changes is not as important as how do we help slow the process if not reverse it. This world is not just ours it belongs to every animal and plant that is here with us, but we are the only animals capable of either destroying it or saving it. The choice is ours to make and we better make it fast because I believe the point of no return is at hand.

 Though there are allot of people becoming green and even a few governments are starting to wake up, this issue needs to be addressed globally and soon. Unfortunately the world is also dealing with conflict in the middle east and terrorism across the globe which is not only distracting all of the world from the current ecological dilemma but it is also consuming the money and manpower that could be working towards repairing our home called earth.

 Just maybe if we could be mature enough to get over our religious differences and look beyond oil revenues we could actually get together and make this world a better place. But it seems mankind is still full of the things that almost all religions warn man to avoid. Greed,Lust,Envy,Hatred,Pride and the rest of the plagues of being human still exist strong in what we like to call modern society. So if the earth doesn’t die on us we will eventually do ourselves in if we do not face the issues at hand both with and in our world.

The Clock

 As I watch the clock tick away each minute that my dad has left in this world, I just think of all the things he has said to me through the years. Some of it was wrong but allot of what he said makes allot more sense now than it did back then. Sometimes he was kind of mean to me but it seems he was really trying to get me to see what life is really like. I just I had listen to him back then, back when i was young and able to avoid the pitfalls of life. Now in retrospect i see how I made the mistakes he was warning me about and how I missed opportunities he told me that would come.

 As the clock ticks away each hour that my dad has left in this world, I realize how much he means to me and how much he has influenced my life. I will miss that man who was my father, hero and friend. I never got to be as close to him as my brother but still in a way I believe that me and my father had our own special time and place in life. Knowing he only has a few weeks left does not make it any easier to face his and my own mortality. I maybe prepared for the day but I am not prepared for the loss that i will suffer on that day.

 At least i was able to get his half brother to call and his sister and half sister to visit them, the half brother has been avoiding him for some reason for over a decade. Guess that dont mater as long as he did call and that made my father so happy. Well on the brighter side of life, I have me a little Niece that is like 15 months old who keeps my heart full of joy and always seems to break my bad moods. Unfortunately I don not have a child of my own but my niece Harley is like a ray of sunshine wherever she goes.

Well Till The Next Time, May Gods Grace Be With You All