The world of today

The sun rises and our eyes open to see a world full of color and light. The birds sing their songs and we hear the sounds of life all around us. That moment happens so quickly and then is gone. We fade back into our humanistic perception of time and space and leave the wonders of the world behind. We journey out into the day only focused on the world of man and not on the world man really lives in. While so called scientists debate if mankind has played a part in our present ecological dilemma the world is slowly changing and is becoming a hostile place.

  I think the scientist got the wrong question far as who or what caused the climate changes is not as important as how do we help slow the process if not reverse it. This world is not just ours it belongs to every animal and plant that is here with us, but we are the only animals capable of either destroying it or saving it. The choice is ours to make and we better make it fast because I believe the point of no return is at hand.

 Though there are allot of people becoming green and even a few governments are starting to wake up, this issue needs to be addressed globally and soon. Unfortunately the world is also dealing with conflict in the middle east and terrorism across the globe which is not only distracting all of the world from the current ecological dilemma but it is also consuming the money and manpower that could be working towards repairing our home called earth.

 Just maybe if we could be mature enough to get over our religious differences and look beyond oil revenues we could actually get together and make this world a better place. But it seems mankind is still full of the things that almost all religions warn man to avoid. Greed,Lust,Envy,Hatred,Pride and the rest of the plagues of being human still exist strong in what we like to call modern society. So if the earth doesn’t die on us we will eventually do ourselves in if we do not face the issues at hand both with and in our world.

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