Most people take their family for granted and let years pass by before they realize that family is a very important part of life. Some families don’t get together unless there is a death in the family and that’s quite sad. Though usually it is not done that way on purpose or with any malice but life seems to consume us to the point we forget what is really important. My dad was one of those who saw that family was important, not only his blood related but his extended family. If anything I learned that from my dad.

 Family is our foundation in life and friends are the roof so without one or the other our life would be like a house not built. Which leaves us alone in the hostile world we live in. So cherish the friends you have and love and revere the family you are in.

 Even in his death my dad taught me that our family has grown quite distant over the years. Some of it is due to all of us being so far away from each other and the rest is from the daily burdens of life that stretched us apart. But there is no better time than the present to try and grow back together is what I think.

Well enough Random Thought For Today

Peace to all of you

Raymond Barbier

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