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The Inner Realm, The Place In Between (continued) (2)

It has been a month since that odd dream Jeff had and it had become a distant memory. Jeff comes home from his long day at work feeling a bit more tired than usual. He starts a fire in his fireplace and sits down in his favorite worn out recliner beside the fire. Jeff Slowly drifts off into sleep as he watches the flames dance as he listens to the hypnotic and soothing cracking sounds from the fireplace.  As his eyes slowly shut and he drifts off he hears the laughter of that almost forgotten old man from that dream from a month before. He finds himself sitting on the ground in front of that same campfire across from that old man Verum Peto. The old man looks at Jeff and smiles then says” I see you finally woke up again”.

Jeff not knowing how to take that statement or how to reply sits quietly looking at the campfire trying to figure out how it got here again.  Verum sees that Jeff is still bewildered by it all so he explains to Jeff how that this is more than just a dream, that is the place between conscious and subconscious, the place between the physical and the spiritual  dimensions. “Jeff this is the place between all that you know and all that makes it all come into existence. This is the realm of thought, dreams and the border lands to both your physical dimension and the dimension of spiritual or the metaphysical plane. This place has been called many things but the Tibetans came closest with what they call the Bardo plane.

Of course I am referring to the Milam Bardo, the entrance to the in-between state or dimension when one enters the dream state. They hit it pretty much on the head with the Milam Bardo. Pretty much in a nut shell Jeff you are in the white space in-between heaven and earth.”

The old man Verum then hands Jeff a cup of hot cocoa and gently smiles at him. Jeff still trying to grasp and take in all that Verum said just sits silently sipping his cocoa. Just as Jeff takes his last sip of cocoa Verum turns to him and says “It isnt quite time for you to truly awaken yet” and with that said, Jeff sits up quickly and sees he has returned to his old battered recliner by the fireplace and wonders once again if it all was but a dream.

<to be Continued>

Take it from the heart!

When I was thirteen, I started blogging. It was just a hobby back then like a diary about how my day went out. It wasn’t consistent. If my system wanted to share something, then I’ll blog.

But three years after, I’m now sixteen, blogging became part of my life. I post blog, because I wanted to share my thoughts, I wanted to inspire others, I wanted to share the good words, I wanted to meet new friends and of course, I wanted to learn from others.

Before I wasn’t consistent with my blog account, I create new account, try other blog site, then write. I’ll be active perhaps for a month, then after, create another blog. That’s my daily routine before as a blogger.

But gladly, I have come to right path, thanks wordpress, thanks Mr. Ray Barbier, Thanks onelifetime.

Right now, I guess, the only answer is DO IT FROM YOUR HEART. Once you love what you’re doing, good things will follow. I’m blissful that blogging makes me happy. Seeing others appreciate my post makes me happy.

In everything you do, Just always remember TAKE IT FROM YOUR HEART.

“We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are Regrets” — Marilyn Monroe
God bless everyone 🙂

Cities all over Metro Manila are now on their state of calamity. Please Hope you guys will pray for the safety of every Filipino here in the Philippines.

All donations will do. Have the heart everyone.

For Red Cross donation

For Red Cross donate-a-load, max monthly donation is P10,000. U can send RED from 5 to 1000 Pesos. Send to 2899 Globe / 4143 Smart.

ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya
ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. Bldg., Mother Ignacia Avenue corner Eugenio Lopez Street, Quezon City
Accepting food and clothing donations
Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan
Loyola House of Studies, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Contact 0915-178-0001 or 426-5962. Accepting cash and in kind. Cash donations may be made via:
Peso Checking
Account Name: Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan
Account Number: 3081-1111-61

Dollar Savings
Account Name: 3084-0420-12
Text REG(space)four-digit pin/mother’s maiden name/first name/last name/address then send to 2882
To donate…

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One Life, One Goal, One God, Infinite Possibilities

It doesn’t matter how old you are but it seems that you catch yourself at moments just thinking about the past and how much has changed in such a short amount of time, am I right? I’ve been a graduate from high school now for three years and it still to this day gets me wondering where the time fly…..

I sit often wish that i could have the years back to make things right, prevent from events from happening, could have done this or done that but we all know that this isn’t a fairy tale, it’s realilty, it’s just memories that we can only hope to learn from them and to become smarter people at most. I do, don’t get me wrong wouldn’t take my past and trade it for a different one because if so then I wouldn’t be the guy i am today for better or…

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One Life, One Goal, One God, Infinite Possibilities

“Failure is only a fact when you give up. Everyone gets knocked down, the question is: Will you get back up?”          -(unknown)

Sometimes we are afraid to get back out there, get back up after we’ve fallen down. Sometimes it seems like we should just fold and be defeated. We’ve all felt this way, we’ve all had thoughts of just getting out of a situation by running away but I’ll tell ya that ain’t the solution but mere a short-term fix. To fall is to get back up, rise up and gain knowledge of what took place to make sure that we have a better future and altogether a better ending when it comes for us. Jesus tells us that in order for us to live forever beside Him, to have everlasting life we must show our faith by showing Him we put all things in…

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One Life, One Goal, One God, Infinite Possibilities

Partnerships, what do you think about them? Bad? Good? In between? Whatever the case may be, great partnerships can and will last forever if true work and dedication is put into play.

As I was sitting in the car earlier this morning working, I was just soaking in all the silence that surrounded me and I as i always do picked up my book of daily devotions and read where I left off. Today’s(Sundays) devotion was on your partnership with God. I’d like to share with what it all said and then talk about it….”Do you seek a life of purpose, abundance, and fulfillment? If so, then you must form a partnership with God. You are God’s work-in-progress. God wants to mold your(ours) heart(s) and guide your(ours) path(s), but because He created you as a creature of free will, He will not force you to become His. That choice is…

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One Life, One Goal, One God, Infinite Possibilities

When I’m down, When I am lost, When I’ve got nothing else I look for the hand reaching out to me

Some were born without love, without anyone taking notice, without giving a moment of care. Some doesn’t know what it’s like to be loved, to be thought of even though they may think of themselves as nobody’s. Many are born feeling this way, God gives everyone a second chance, God gives us love everytime we fail, God gives us more love than ever asked for from us. God loves all, given as we all sin He still has love for us in the good and also in the bad times we go through. Well God wouldn’t have sent His only Son down unto earth to give His life for us if He didn’t have love for us would He?…No God forgives us but we must show Him that we…

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