One Life, One Goal, One God, Infinite Possibilities

Partnerships, what do you think about them? Bad? Good? In between? Whatever the case may be, great partnerships can and will last forever if true work and dedication is put into play.

As I was sitting in the car earlier this morning working, I was just soaking in all the silence that surrounded me and I as i always do picked up my book of daily devotions and read where I left off. Today’s(Sundays) devotion was on your partnership with God. I’d like to share with what it all said and then talk about it….”Do you seek a life of purpose, abundance, and fulfillment? If so, then you must form a partnership with God. You are God’s work-in-progress. God wants to mold your(ours) heart(s) and guide your(ours) path(s), but because He created you as a creature of free will, He will not force you to become His. That choice is…

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