No man has the right to deny another of those gifts and freedoms.

IMG_1156Every morning we wake up to a brand new chance to change our world and the path we are walking through life on. We have another day to start over and change direction along to make amends for our wrongs. We should not only forgive but we should also ask for forgiveness and display our regret for the wrongs we have committed. Once displayed then we should ask for the forgiveness and then move forward knowing we did all we could to make up for the mistake as well as showing  regret for our wrongdoing. We should then forgive ourselves for our shortcomings and begin moving forward in life. Every minute we live is another chance to choose a better path and a chance to change how we interact with the world. During the day there is a constant battle between the heart god blessed us with and the mind the world help program. The love god inspires within us battles the selfish mind for control of our destiny. The good thing is that we do have freewill and can choose to follow one or the other and even both. Of course it is better to choose one for we can only serve one master at a time.

MP900444203The world we live in is constantly bombarding us with conflicting messages and negative images along with immoral themes through modern media. If we see the negative and immoral enough we will become insensitive to it and eventually such insensitivity and tolerance leads to complete acceptance to such things. The problem is, there is no way we could stop all the negativity or immorality in our modern media, but we can make sure we do not become insensitive to it or accept it in any way. We must remind ourselves that even though it has become commonplace that it still is not acceptable and still is wrong. We must teach our young of right and wrong and how not to allow themselves to be mislead by the social acceptance of immoral and negative things. Just because everyone is doing something or says it isn’t wrong anymore doesn’t make it so. We shouldn’t judge others for accepting the wrong, we should just avoid the same traps they fell for. We should also try to get them to see the truth and help guide them away from such illusions. The one thing we must always remember is they have freewill and have the right to believe and live as they choose. God gave every one of us the choice and the right to freewill and no man has the right to deny another of those gifts and freedoms.

Our mind is a collection of ideas and beliefs that we gained through our experiences in life , those ideas and beliefs are a mix of both treasures and garbage.

Raymond Barbier

4 thoughts on “No man has the right to deny another of those gifts and freedoms.”

  1. I don’t know, obviously, if your intention with this blog is inspirational writing or conversion writing. If it’s inspirational writing don’t allow my comment; I have no intention of getting in the way of inspiration.
    But if your goal is conversion, then there are a few ideas that you need to clear up. Obviously, I am the author of the post in related reading ‘Freewill: the neurological weather system’, and I challenge freewill itself.
    But my uncertainty here is the idea that we are thinking with both God’s heart and the world-forged mind. I don’t understand.
    Obviously, the “heart” is a metaphor for thinking in a particular way, normally emotionally or ethereally. Whereas the “mind” refers to logical thinking. That’s the standard metaphor.
    But it’s not the metaphor you’re employing, is it? Sincere belief in God means that thinking with your God-given heart would be identical to thinking logically (because the premise “God is real” would change everything). So what’s wrong with using the mind?
    Or are you appealing to those in doubt, imploring them to act as if the premise “God is real” were true (i.e. think with your God-given heart) even if you cannot think logically that the premise is true? Because that appears like imploring people to be untrue to themselves. And that doesn’t seem like an appropriate response to the ubiquitous immorality you ask us to continue noticing and abhorring!
    I do notice it, and I notice it with my mind.

    1. I write to inspire and to get others to think. Thank you for a well thought out comment. Feel free to come back and comment again, The main reason i linked to your post was that it was a very thought provoking piece.

      Thank you once again,
      Raymond Barbier
      One Lifetime Blog.

  2. My best days are the ones that begin with a conscious thought that I should look for a way to help someone today. And when I find that person to help – at the office, on the street, in the grocery store – I feel as though my day had purpose.

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