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spacin’ out

So.. my good friend Ray invited (or dared) me to blog a bit….. I suppose I had better introduce myself…. My name is Simon, i’m 42 years old… I originally come from England but now live in Denmark, I own my own computer business and only work to pay my way…. ( I don’t subscribe to th corporate world and materialism, at least not anymore…) I’ve had my share of hard times and have been through the school of hard knocks like Ray and alot of other people….
So what do I wan’t to blog about… well so many topics come to mind, but one keeps coming back….. lets call it “the power of spacing out”…. so here we go….
Having been just another “worker bee” for many years I decided to start my own business 4 years ago (right in the middle of the economic collapse)…. When I used to work for “the man” I was not at all happy… don’t get me wrong.. I had plenty of money and used more than I had… but my happiness was out the window… my wife used to complain about me being a “grumpy old git”….
I started my business 4 years ago.. and my salary was cut in half…. but… I was the boss… I could decide if I wanted to do anything or not…. for the first time in 10 years I felt ALIVE !…. I have done so many things around the house that were left for dead…. I will never regret starting my own business… it turned me into a completely different person…. All of a sudden i learnt the value of money because i didn’t have any….
where’s the “spacing out” bit i hear you say…. well I’m on my way…. actually I “re-learned” spacing out and doing nothing after i quit the rat race… You really need to feel the power of sitting down, staring into a flame or into space without and kind of interruption and thinking about everything and nothing… it’s pure catharsis for the soul…..
loadsa people ask me why I take so long doing stuff… (like repointing my house)… well now… I tend to repoint around 3 sq feet and the sit down space out and enjoy looking at what I have achieved…. why I hear you say… well I’ll tell you why… I don’t get tired of repointing the house day after day after day… because I space out…
If you haven’t learned to space out… you should try it…