Today is the day, today is the spot in time I now live

DSC_0323bToday is the day, today is the moment I live in, not the future nor the past. Today is what I experience and all the experiences of yesterday are but a memory. To move on to the future I must let go of the past, to truly live I must embrace what this day brings. I must no longer allow the weights of my past mistakes anchor me to a fate that is not meant to be mine.  Too many times my past has played a stumbling block in the present and altered the course of my future.

I choose if I am happy or if I am not, I choose now to act instead of react to circumstances that I face during my day. The freedom to choose is a right, but it’s a right we can embrace or choose to deny ourselves. We can lay victim of circumstances and the and the actions of others or we can take the helm and plot our own course.

Today is the day, today is the spot in time I now live and it is  mine to live as I choose.

Raymond Barbier

What are the caretakers of this world

IMG_1413What are the caretakers of this world, we were given the responsibility to care for and maintain this wondrous gift that we call Earth.  We have walked down the path of destruction and not one of nurturing and preservation far too long, if we do not change our course we shall lose this planet we call home. Time to plant trees, clean up industry and preserve what wildlife we have remaining. We need the wildlife and the plant life we have here on earth to survive, we also need the air and water we have to be clean to survive as well. What is profit compared to the lives of the many future generations of our kind? It is illogical to seek profit that only destroys or harms  your households future generations.

The love of money only leads to the los of true treasures such as those you love and the future of your household. Imagine what kind of world your great-grandchild will have or even your great great grandchild. Do you want them to have clean water, air and food to eat? Do you want them to see the wonders of the forests and the wildlife they contain?  God gave us this world to live in and he also gave it to us to care for. It’s only fair to care for the earth since it has always provided us with what we needed to survive. If we neglect our home to long it will become so damaged it may not be able to support life anymore.

Until God calls us home to heaven we should care for the home he has blessed us with.

Raymond Barbier