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The Journey to Self Improvement.

I fight the inner demon of despair that haunts me every day. It feeds on the hurtful echoes of past hurts that scarred me deeply. I struggle to apply reason and logic to deal with the messy and twisted memories of the past that torment me. My self-image and self-esteem are often assaulted by self-hatred that comes from the circumstances and judgments of others in my past that made me feel unworthy and inadequate.

I wonder how I allowed such a strong enemy to enter my mind and take over my emotions and self-worth. How did I let it convince me that I am not good enough or deserving of happiness? I have achieved some goals in managing that darker side of myself, but I still have a long and hard journey ahead to find peace with myself and who I am. I still have to overcome many obstacles and challenges that test my resilience and courage.

I have to face it every day and every step until I can finally bury it for good. Each negative thought I have to challenge and scrutinize with courage, bringing out the truth and showing that most of those negative thoughts are false and have no proof to support them. I have to expose the lies and distortions that the inner demon tries to make me believe.

I am not faultless, but I am not a bad person either. I have to recognize my faults but also celebrate my good qualities. I have to acknowledge my mistakes but also learn from them. I have to remember that I am not alone in facing such things, almost everyone has that darker side trying to pull them down. But I also have a brighter side that shines with hope and kindness.

I embrace the opportunities I have to grow within myself, and I feel hopeful and optimistic because of the love of my friends and the tools I have acquired to handle that part of me. The key is to maintain a positive outlook and to appreciate the people who are with me in my journey of life. I have been overcoming this for a long time, and even though I have faced some difficulties, I have also achieved many successes.

Be Kind to yourself and others, and seek that which heals and creates while avoiding that which destroys.

Don’t Be Cruel to Others, Be Kind and Compassionate

We all have a choice in how we treat others. We can be kind and compassionate, or we can be cruel and mean. The way we treat others reflects the way we feel about ourselves. If we are happy and confident, we will spread joy and love. If we are unhappy and insecure, we will spread misery and hate.

Some people choose to be cruel to others because they enjoy seeing them suffer. They may laugh at their pain, mock their weakness, or even hurt them on purpose. These people are called sadists, and they have a dark side to their personality. They get pleasure from causing or witnessing harm to others, and they don’t care about the consequences.

Being hateful and hurtful all the time is not normal or healthy. People who are like that have a problem that needs to be addressed. They may be suffering from low self-esteem, addiction, or mental illness. They may have been hurt or abused in the past, and they are trying to cope with their emotions in a destructive way. They need help to heal their wounds and find a better way of living.

Being Hateful and hurtful is not something to be proud of or celebrate. It is something to be ashamed of and avoid. It is immature and mean. It does not make anyone happy or fulfilled. It only creates more pain and suffering in the world.

We should all strive to be kind and compassionate to others, not cruel and mean. We should empathize with their feelings, respect their dignity, and help them when they need it. We should treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. We should remember that we are all human beings, with hopes and dreams, fears and flaws, joys and sorrows.

Kindness and compassion are the signs of maturity and wisdom. They are the sources of happiness and peace. They are the gifts that we can give to ourselves and others. They are the ways that we can make this world a better place for everyone.

Don’t be cruel to others, be kind and compassionate. You will be happier and healthier for it.

Your thoughts, your words, and your actions are what define you.

I know I am not the best writer on the block, but I do the best I can and do it because it is what is within my heart to do. I do not write for likes or fame, I write to express my views and the feelings I have. Sharing what I have learned and what I am yet to learn in this journey of life. I only hope it helps someone to find their own answers to the questions they have in life.

Each person needs to seek out their own answers, it is a personal journey we all are on in life. We can find hints and keys to the answers from others but we must find the correct answers for ourselves. So always be objective and open-minded when reading or hearing other people’s concepts of truth or wisdom. Never follow anyone or anything blindly.

Out of all the things we experience and have in life, your thoughts, your words, and your actions are what define you. The rest of the stuff is but window dressing and speed bumps on the road of life. So always think before you speak or act and try to minimize any negative thinking.

If you have passion and basic writing skills, blog or write a book about your thoughts and feelings. If you are more the Vocal type do podcasts or youtube videos. Don’t Do it for the money or the fame, do it for your passion and to help others, my friends. Not saying you should turn the money down if it is to come your way, Just make it a lower priority.

Well, I wish you luck on your journey through life, may you learn and share much with others in your lifetime.

You may be the result of your past, but you are in control of the present and who you can become in the future

Looking back at your life in retrospect allows you to see where you made mistakes and where you made some good choices as well. But one must not get stuck in regret and nostalgia, if you do then you will become stagnant and never move forward. Learn from the past, but do not live in it.

It s just as important to plan for the future, but do not allow yourself to be blind to the present due to focusing too much on the future. It is a balancing act between looking forward, backward and living in the present. The present should be the highest priority since the past is gone and the future is not here as of yet.

You may be the result of your past, but you are in control of the present and who you can become in the future. But it all starts here in the moment you are living. Let go of the mistakes of the past, the fear of the future and focus on making a difference in the here and now.

Regret, fear, and nostalgia tend to keep one paralyzed mentally and emotionally thus making it hard for someone to move forward with their life. Forgive yourself for past mistakes, put aside the fear you feel due to the uncertainty of the future, and let go of nostalgia as soon as you are able to.

Using tools such as meditation, mindfulness, and music, and getting help from mental health professionals can aid in moving forward and dealing with the fear and guilt you may be facing. This is your only life to live, so use all tools available to help you become the best version of yourself that you can be.

Most of all tell that little voice in the back of your mind always telling you things such as you are not good enough or that you can not do something, to be quiet and go away. Try Replacing it with positive affirmations and thoughts when you are able.

May you have a love-filled life and may you share the love you have with those around you.

How to Find Your Passion and Turn It Into a Career

We all have dreams and aspirations in life. We all want to do something that makes us happy and fulfilled. We all want to make a difference in the world. But how do we find our passion and turn it into a career?

Many people struggle with this question. They feel stuck in a job that doesn’t suit them. They feel bored and unchallenged. They feel like they’re wasting their time and potential. They feel like they’re living someone else’s life.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can find your passion and turn it into a career. You can do something that you love and get paid for it. You can create your own destiny and live your own life.

But how do you do that? How do you find your passion and turn it into a career? Well, there’s no magic formula or easy answer. It’s a process that requires some exploration, discovery, and experimentation. It’s a journey that takes some time and effort. But it’s worth it.

In this blog post, I’ll share with you some tips on how to find your passion and turn it into a career. These tips are based on my own experience and research. They’re not definitive or absolute. They’re just suggestions that might help you along the way.

Tip #1: Explore Your Interests

The first tip is to explore your interests. What are the things that you enjoy doing in your spare time? What are the topics that you’re curious about? What are the skills that you want to learn or improve?

These are clues to your passion. They’re indicators of what makes you happy and excited. They’re signs of what you’re naturally good at or drawn to.

So make a list of all the things that interest you, no matter how big or small. Don’t limit yourself by thinking about what’s realistic or profitable. Just write down everything that comes to your mind.

Then, try to find ways to pursue these interests. You can take online courses, read books, watch videos, join communities, attend events, volunteer, or do anything else that helps you learn more about your interests. The more you explore, the more you’ll discover what you’re passionate about.

Tip #2: Identify Your Strengths

The second tip is to identify your strengths. What are the things that you’re good at? What are the talents that you have? What are the compliments that you receive from others?

These are clues to your passion too. They’re indicators of what makes you confident and competent. They’re signs of what you can offer to the world.

So make a list of all the things that you’re good at, no matter how big or small. Don’t be modest or self-critical. Just write down everything that comes to your mind.

Then, try to find ways to use these strengths. You can offer your services, create a portfolio, start a blog, join a team, or do anything else that helps you showcase your strengths. The more you use them, the more you’ll develop your confidence and competence.

Tip #3: Experiment with Different Options

The third tip is to experiment with different options. What are the possible ways that you can turn your passion into a career? What are the opportunities that are available to you? What are the risks and rewards of each option?

These are clues to your passion as well. They’re indicators of what makes you challenged and satisfied. They’re signs of what you can achieve in life.

So make a list of all the possible options that you can think of, no matter how big or small. Don’t be afraid or hesitant. Just write down everything that comes to your mind.

Then, try to test these options. You can do research, conduct interviews, take internships, start side projects, or do anything else that helps you validate these options. The more you test them, the more you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t.

Finding your passion and turning it into a career is not a one-time event. It’s a process of exploration, discovery, and experimentation. It may take some time and effort, but it’s worth it.

Because when you find your passion and turn it into a career, you’ll be happier and more successful in life.

You’ll be doing something that you love and love what you do.

You’ll be creating your own destiny and living your own life.

And that’s what life is all about

The older generation has so much to give

The aging population in the world has been cast aside, and modern society looks upon the older generations as disposable. Politicians see the elderly as a financial burden due to social security and Medicare costs and have forgotten the many years of work and taxes the older generation had contributed to our great nation. The saddest part of all is that the good part of those wanting to do away with social security and so on, are old enough or close to the age of being recipients of social security.

This modern world is for the younger generation to enjoy and the elderly or older generation is considered disposable in many people’s eyes. Those who are the parents and grandparents of the current generation are no longer considered important to a percentage of those in power and in our population. The same people who got us to the moon revolutionized the technology industry, built skyscrapers, and raised the current generation are now looked upon as unimportant.

The not-quite-elderly, those in their 50’s suffer a lot of age discrimination when it comes to employment, either they have a hard time finding work or they get forced out of their job when employers hire younger staff to replace them and/or take the hours they once had. Experience and loyalty do not count for much nowadays in the workforce, it is all about being young, the quantity of work over quality, and in some cases, it is about physical beauty and so on.

I will say at least the federal government is stepping up when it comes to young children, but they sure drop the ball when it comes to the older generation and those not fortunate enough to have children. Life is precious be it in the spring, summer, fall, or even winter of its existence. To overlook or cast aside life in any of its seasons is wrong.

There is enough inequality and inequity in this world as it is, do we have to add to it by categorizing a certain age group as 2nd class citizens? We all are Americans, regardless of our age, sex, religion, color, or political affiliation. Seems we humans get too stuck on separating ourselves by labels and categories, falling prey to elitism and bigotry. No one is disposable, no one is lesser nor is anyone greater. We all matter, and we all are human beings.

The older generation has so much to give, wisdom from experience, stories of their lives that are memories of not-so-recent history, and most of all their love and companionship.

Will we move forward or will we move backward in our society?

Children are exploited and forced to work jobs that are dangerous and should only be worked by adults. A sheriff and others spouting racist remarks and talking of murder or assassination of a reporter. Immigration problems and mass shootings are being sidelined for partisan politics and profit.

Ukraine, Russia, and China being a thorns in the side of the West, a battle of powers for what each side thinks is right. Countries raising the age for retirement which only adds to the suffering of the older population. Taxation is geared to make the working class shoulder the burden as the wealthy pay less.

Once again a security leak puts many in danger and all for an ego boost for a lost young soldier. We suffer severe weather, yet there is still disbelief in global warming and the science behind it. Book banning brings back fears of censorship and information control. The freedoms and rights of one group are attacked for the fears of another.

Compromises are rare due to the polarization of politics and the partisan agenda of both parties. Moderates of both parties are becoming rare and those who are moderate, keep quiet as the political divide grows. It is a time of rebirth it seems, and with birth comes great pain and disturbances.

The question is, Which way will humanity go? Will they seek out the path of inclusion and progress or one of status quo and stagnation? Will we move forward or will we move backward in our society? Can we come together for the betterment of all humanity or will we fall apart as a society?

The choice is in each individual’s hands and it is something we all have to take part in. Raise your voice to be heard and let your vision of what our future should look like be heard. Silence only allows others to make the choices that you will have to live with.

Be heard, be seen, and be open to compromise and new ideas my friends. Grow as an individual and contribute to the growth of the world and society we live in.

We live our lives in a linear fashion as the universe deals in its circular motion.

We live our lives in a linear fashion as the universe deals in its circular motion. We spend our time looking for the light as we stumble in the dark. Ever reaching out for a connection with others as we blind ourselves to the connection we have to everything.

We fear what we do not know or understand as we hate what we see in others that we first hate within ourselves. We can not forgive ourselves so we find it hard to forgive others. Yet we love others far easier than ourselves and find ourselves still feeling alone.

We need to let go of preconceived notions and embrace the commonality between all things. We need to open up to possibilities instead of closing off new opportunities. We seek acceptance of others but find it hard to accept ourselves.

We all are part of the whole, yet we hold on to the misconception that we are totally individual and alone. We distance ourselves from others in a sad attempt to keep ourselves free of pain. Being distant only brings us emptiness and feeds the loneliness within us.

Hope is what we seek, but some of us seem to embrace that which is bleak, Faith is what we desire to obtain but doubting is a habit we find hard to quit. Questioning is good only if it leads us to some kind of epiphany or truth.

We live our lives in a linear fashion as the universe deals in its circular motion. Walking the path of life step by step putting one foot after the other. Evolving as an individual and as a species within the infinite vastness of the universe.

Learn to love unconditionally, be compassionate and find understanding for your fellow humans

Hate is a very infectious and overwhelming emotion, it consumes you when it is in your heart. It blinds you to the love around you and it keeps you from being able to love those around you. Hate can come from fear, it can come from the feeling of not being in control, it has many sources but only love can help stop the hate.

We as humans get too wrapped up in our own minds to listen to our hearts sometimes. We tend to join in with what our peers think or do too quickly and without thinking about how it will affect others and ourselves. We also tend to like to rally against a common enemy or cause, it makes us feel like we are a part of something. We forget to look and think for ourselves when we get too focused on the moment.

Most religions teach us to love each other and embrace forgiveness. Unfortunately, some people get too wrapped up in seeing the sins of others instead of seeing the actual person that is sinning. They should love everyone for who and what they are, for no one is perfect and no one can live life without sinning in one way or another. You do not have to agree with how everyone else chooses to live their life, you however should respect everyone’s right to choose how they want to live.

I believe and have been taught that we all have been given the right to choose our paths in life, free will, and all. Who are we to say how another person must live or worship? We are not here to judge one another or to dictate how others should live or behave, we are here to help and love one another. Look beyond a person’s mistakes, sins, color, religion, or any other thing that you may want to dislike and see the person beneath all of that.

That person you are persecuting, hating, or harassing because of the choices you dislike is a human being. They are someone’s father, mother, sister, brother, daughter, or son. They could have been your friend or the person who could have helped you down the road when you needed help.

This world is already hard enough to live in, so why create more anger and pain in it when you could find love for your fellow human beings? We have much more pressing issues in this world than a lot of what people are getting worked up about. We have a world war looming around the corner if we are not careful, and it won’t be one any side will come out victorious and without tragedy.

Regardless if you believe in global warming or not, there has been an increase in disastrous weather events across the world. Viral outbreaks, food shortages, and clean water shortages have become more commonplace as well. On top of that, it seems that we are experiencing an uptick in mental illness which in turn adds to the current problem of violence and crime in the world.

Too many voices out there trying to divide, confuse and spread hate along with chaos. Not enough voices out there trying to spread love, compassion, and understanding. Too many people believe conspiracy theories over facts and science. Too many people have lost faith and trust in our governments and news agencies. Hard for many to know who or what they can believe nowadays.

And still the poor are getting poorer and the rich are always getting richer. The homeless, elderly, and childless are forgotten or cast aside in this world. People point fingers at one another instead of offering a hand to help. Some hold on to the past and won’t let go of either what they saw as the glory days, then there are those that can not let go of the mistakes and pain of the past.

We have so much to address as a species, but first, we must stop the hate and division so we can work together to make this world a better place. Learn to love unconditionally, be compassionate and find understanding for your fellow humans.

Remember the side of yourself that is playful, that loves to create and explore.

Within each of us, there is the creative force that stirs underneath all of the complications we have embraced and allowed to grow in our psyche. That creative and curious side of our nature we once embraced as a child and decided to bury under all of our expectations and self-imposed regulations when we become what we call an adult. As we grew up we closed off the side of ourselves that had wonder and desired to be creative and free to express ourselves.

As adults, we are told to behave in a certain way and act what is considered mature by society. We are taught to restrict that side of ourselves that wants to play, create, be friendly, and enjoy life so that we can focus on being productive in the workplace and responsible in society. Some people still embrace that side of themselves and usually they wind up being laughed at or shunned by some people. I say Laugh at me if I am having fun and being myself, it just proves that what I am doing is fun.

It is said that having children keeps you young and that may well be because around our children we too can let go and be childlike. Children remind us of how to live and see life, even if it’s only for a short period and usually only at home. Then the other end of the age spectrum is the elderly, there is a percentage of them that return to the more childlike version of themselves, not due to any mental issues, it is due to the fact that they got to the point where they realize that what others think about them has no significance when it comes to being happy or their self-worth.

In our beginnings, we just are ourselves and hope others will accept us as we are. Even if they don’t we still continue being ourselves and growing as a person. Then we become overly concerned about the opinions of our peers and family, and we start modeling our behaviors and mentality after those we see having the most success in being liked around us. Eventually, we become a mix of our own self and that which society considers acceptable and popular. Then we become wiser as we age and go back to trying to be ourselves, stripping away all the garbage we collected during our lifetime.

To those of you in the earlier years of life, I say be yourself and do not worry about those that look at you funny or make fun of you. Avoid that kind of people and find those more like yourself. Bullying and hate will always exist in this world, we may not be able to totally remove those things from society but we can the people who are bullies and propagate hate to a smaller percentage of our society. Also, remember the bully is also a human and may be facing some issues either at home or in society and may need help in one way or another.

To those of you in your adult years, try to remember the side of yourself that is playful, that loves to create and explore. Find time to let that side of yourself out when you can. Balance being a responsible adult and being your real self. To those of you who are in the later years of your life try not to let bitterness, regret, and fear stop you from being who you are and enjoying life. What has been in the past, what you can not control is something you need to let go of and find happiness at the moment as you embrace those moments and things that make you happy as well as thankful for.

And most of all, young people respect and appreciate those who are older than you, because one day you will be one of them. Adults and elderly people need to respect and appreciate the young as well, they are the future and we all were young like them once as well. Times may change but the fact that we all go from young to old has not. So respect one another and learn from each other my friends, and be the creative, adventurous, and expressive person you were born to be.