Positive Thinking + Positive Action = Positive Results

One of the simplest formulas to success out there and has been proven to be
effective. Positive thinking and action begets a positive result / reaction. To
dream or visualize is not enough to make a positive result but put forth a little
positive elbow grease and usually a positive result will appear. The real secret
behind this is you must have focus and a direction for all of this positivity. Random
and aimless positivity bears little fruit . If you want a apple tree in your yard you
don’t just plant the seed and hope it grows you have to all your effort into its
care and cultivation. If you plant it and think oh it wont grow so why bother watering
it or keeping it fertilized then good chance it will either not grow or bear no fruit.
Plants  will only grow in the right climate and soil and our dreams and desires need
the right environment to be able to grow. A simple example is if one wants to own a
surf board shop he wouldn’t open it in the desert would he? But basically one must
not only dream he needs to create and cultivate in order to become successful

These Principles have been taught in religions and philosophies through out the
centuries. The Principle of faith is a common denominator among most teachings
and is also a key to being successful and happy. For faith spawns hope and hope
fuels dreams and the men/women who make them become reality.


Raymond Barbier

A new wave, A new day

A new wave of energy is flowing in the air around me

The chains that bound me are loose and now I am Free

The past that haunted me is now forgiven and put to rest

My youth is gone but the days I live now are the best


Loves lost are now loves that helped me to learn

The love I have now is what is what I must earn

Those who wronged me I now forgive and forget

There is nothing forgiven but some things still I regret

But only so I do forget the mistakes I have made

The remaining sorrow now slowly begin to fade.


A new day and a brand new start for this old man

A new chance do to the best that I can



Well we all are all off on a new journey with a new Captain at the wheel.

My prayers go out to him and his family and for a good term in office.

About time we had a African American President, Now I am waiting for a female or American Indian President Next.  Being The U.S. is the great melting pot it is a bit sad it took so long to open up the most esteemed and powerful position in our country to all races and genders. I guess fear,racism and sexism are hard to grow out of. we still seem as a species to be in our young teens and have a long way to go.


Change is coming if we like it or not. Change in political and planetary climate and more. Seems the only thing remembered from the 60’s was the music sex and drugs, not the importance of love. O.K. I am a bit of a Hippie at heart I guess lol. Well till next time




Most people take their family for granted and let years pass by before they realize that family is a very important part of life. Some families don’t get together unless there is a death in the family and that’s quite sad. Though usually it is not done that way on purpose or with any malice but life seems to consume us to the point we forget what is really important. My dad was one of those who saw that family was important, not only his blood related but his extended family. If anything I learned that from my dad.

 Family is our foundation in life and friends are the roof so without one or the other our life would be like a house not built. Which leaves us alone in the hostile world we live in. So cherish the friends you have and love and revere the family you are in.

 Even in his death my dad taught me that our family has grown quite distant over the years. Some of it is due to all of us being so far away from each other and the rest is from the daily burdens of life that stretched us apart. But there is no better time than the present to try and grow back together is what I think.

Well enough Random Thought For Today

Peace to all of you

Raymond Barbier

The Puzzle I Call Life


  Every day within me a war is waged between the side of light and the side of darkness. The outcome is different each day, one will loose one part and gain another. Pretty much a stalemate but one day one side will get the upper hand on the other. My greatest fear is that darkness will win in this war for my mind and soul. Even though I fear such, I have faith in the light side within me.

  My nature is pretty much of the light, though I do suffer from the darkness. Been through pridefulness and still battling against lust. Self pity still rears its head from time to time. Being just a fool in the quest for wisdom I do the best I can. Praying to God and Jesus gives me hope and strength to make it through yet another day. The wisdom they gave me helps me understand yet another piece of the puzzle I call life.

My life is nothing but another journey of a layman and fool who seeks wisdom and peace.