Positive Thinking + Positive Action = Positive Results

One of the simplest formulas to success out there and has been proven to be
effective. Positive thinking and action begets a positive result / reaction. To
dream or visualize is not enough to make a positive result but put forth a little
positive elbow grease and usually a positive result will appear. The real secret
behind this is you must have focus and a direction for all of this positivity. Random
and aimless positivity bears little fruit . If you want a apple tree in your yard you
don’t just plant the seed and hope it grows you have to all your effort into its
care and cultivation. If you plant it and think oh it wont grow so why bother watering
it or keeping it fertilized then good chance it will either not grow or bear no fruit.
Plants  will only grow in the right climate and soil and our dreams and desires need
the right environment to be able to grow. A simple example is if one wants to own a
surf board shop he wouldn’t open it in the desert would he? But basically one must
not only dream he needs to create and cultivate in order to become successful

These Principles have been taught in religions and philosophies through out the
centuries. The Principle of faith is a common denominator among most teachings
and is also a key to being successful and happy. For faith spawns hope and hope
fuels dreams and the men/women who make them become reality.


Raymond Barbier

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