Time is Marching on

  Time seems to go by faster the older I get and less and less things bring me happiness. I have lost who I was an now seek for who I am and who I will be.

I need to slow down and smell the flowers and bask in the afternoon sun light. I need to appreciate the things I overlook daily. The little things like the smile of a child and the friendly voice of my love. I need to let go of my fears that weigh me down and hold on tight to my dreams for they are what make me who i am.

Time is ticking away quickly as i grow older and more and more things make me happy. I may have lost who i was, but who I am and will be is ever changing before my eyes.

I need to learn to not allow others to influence my self image in a negative way nor to allow them to change my mood. I need to realize that the every person perceives the world around them differently. I should try to see things through the eyes of others so i can understand their position or situation better.

Time is marching on as it always has and many things bring me enjoyment. I am who I am and will become what I am destined to be.

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