Ramblings on Religion

  Religious Prejudice is nothing more than the fear of something we do not understand and the hate of anything that is not like ourselves. In a country such as the united states that as founded on the principle of freedom of religion it sad to see such religious prejudice. Our ancestors fled to America to get away from the countries that wouldn’t allow them to worship in the way they wanted. Religion is a personal choice and right, no other human has a right to say another must believe as they do.

 No I am not saying it is wrong to go out and teach what you believe, just that you must respect those who do not believe the same as you do. And I still can not see how anyone could say their religion gives them the right to go out and kill others because they believe different. Most religions tell them to love one another and be compassionate if not to at least be tolerant of others.

 I guess it is easy to interpret holy scriptures to help your cause. There have been many in almost every religion who have. But for some reason man always misses the main point that their religions make and that is to be like brothers, love one another and live in peace. Judgement is for the creator to do in the end time, and not for us to do.

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