The Clock

 As I watch the clock tick away each minute that my dad has left in this world, I just think of all the things he has said to me through the years. Some of it was wrong but allot of what he said makes allot more sense now than it did back then. Sometimes he was kind of mean to me but it seems he was really trying to get me to see what life is really like. I just I had listen to him back then, back when i was young and able to avoid the pitfalls of life. Now in retrospect i see how I made the mistakes he was warning me about and how I missed opportunities he told me that would come.

 As the clock ticks away each hour that my dad has left in this world, I realize how much he means to me and how much he has influenced my life. I will miss that man who was my father, hero and friend. I never got to be as close to him as my brother but still in a way I believe that me and my father had our own special time and place in life. Knowing he only has a few weeks left does not make it any easier to face his and my own mortality. I maybe prepared for the day but I am not prepared for the loss that i will suffer on that day.

 At least i was able to get his half brother to call and his sister and half sister to visit them, the half brother has been avoiding him for some reason for over a decade. Guess that dont mater as long as he did call and that made my father so happy. Well on the brighter side of life, I have me a little Niece that is like 15 months old who keeps my heart full of joy and always seems to break my bad moods. Unfortunately I don not have a child of my own but my niece Harley is like a ray of sunshine wherever she goes.

Well Till The Next Time, May Gods Grace Be With You All

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