Healthcare in The United States


Seems we are one of the very few nations to deprive basic healthcare to our citizens. With our complex and high priced healthcare system only those who are wealthy can afford decent healthcare. A average person working for close to the minimum wage either has a Insurance package from their employers that is more of a discount card than insurance or they are without coverage at all. President Obama’s plan may cover the children but leave the parents of those children in a real bind. If the parents are sick and or die who is left to care for the children is what I ask.

Another issue is Dental, Have you ever looked for dental insurance? If so you know that is basically non existent.
And seems Obama overlooks the great importance oral hygiene and health is to the rest of the human body. There is some research that states that bad oral health is linked to bad cardiovascular health. But the basic ability to properly digest food and the infectious nature of poor oral health is the main issue. Our insurance system and health system in the USA is really in need of a overhaul.

The Problem is well known, the solution is yet to be found, It is going to have to be Federal,State and Healthcare system combined effort to make a viable solution.

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