Doing the Right Thing.

Bokeh meditation

Doing a good deed or action with no thought of any reward is truly the most humble and holiest of acts one can produce. To do something with no desire for reward and for the good of someone or something else is the true path to inner peace and happiness. The thing is no matter if you desire reward for and action there is always the satisfaction of doing what is right. That feeling of satisfaction to me is far more precious and important than any monetary or material gain.

The thing is the satisfaction you feel is a mirror of the happiness and peace you brought to the one you selflessly  helped out. Even if the one you helped seems unappreciative it still doesn’t rob you of the goodness you shared nor the satisfaction of a good deed done well. The only way you are robed of the satisfaction is if you focus on the lack of appreciation above the fact and truth you did what was good and or right.

Another good thing about helping out others is you seem to look at your own problems and trials in life to be less important if not less severe than you once had. You also realize that you are not the only one with problems. To do what is right because it is right, is the most honorable and humane thing to do.

Well enough of my Babbling for now.
Peace to All
R. Barbier

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