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No matter who wins

Washington State Capitol - Olympia_1549a

It’s that time again, presidential election season. The time that all the major networks both on air and cable seem to be obsessed with the upcoming elections. So much spin, lies and words taken out of context it is hard to know what lie to believe next. I would love to see just one time a real campaign based on the issues and not on the misleading advertisements against the other candidate. Too little emphasis on fixing the problems and being truthful in modern politics and way too much mud-slinging and word bending. The last 20 years of politics has me sick to my stomach, not saying we didn’t have a few good presidents or even a congress that at one time would work for the good of the citizens, just that there is less reality in Washington politics than in a science fiction novel. They really need to get off of the mud-slinging and twisting of words and get down to the bare facts about the true issues at hand. No matter who wins this upcoming election, my hope is that the congress will get a grip and start working together on the problems our country faces and stops playing around with their party based agendas. Well God help us in 2013 and beyond, for I feel we will need all the help and blessings we can get if the congress continues to be like it has for the last 4+ years.

Ray Barbier

Space 1999

The supermassive black holes are all that rema...
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Been Many of years since I have seen the Sci-Fi Series of Space 1999, Though it has that 1970’s Campy feel to it considering the special effects technology of the day and the limit of plausible scientific theories used in the show it still is quite entertaining. The computers in the series were gigantic and controlled by unlabeled rows of buttons (quite large buttons). The Time warp back to the 1970’s technology is entertaining in itself, the outfits and hairstyles make it even more entertaining. The series of course gets better when they add a character called Maya who can transform into what ever organic creature she can see.

The Black suns they use in the series we now call black holes and the nuclear explosion that supposed to propel the moon out of orbit into a high speed trek across the universe is of course not plausible but that adds to the campy charm of the series. For those sci-fi buffs looking for a classic TV Sci-fi series from the 70’s this is one of a few I would recommend.

To learn more about space 1999 you can follow this Wiki link –>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space:_1999