They choose to keep the status quo over trying to improve our country.

65242 Ah Politics, the entertainment of an election year and all the bent truths along with the words taken out of context. Such a media circus and misdirection of information. I just don’t see what all this conservative and liberal arguments are really about other than a way to polarize the voters to one way or another. It would seem if a politician really loved his country and wanted to really help the citizens of our great nation he would seek out the best possible solution to a problem be it right,left winged, conservative, moderate or liberal in nature. But then if a politician really cared for his county and its citizens he would also put aside all his personal ambitions and avoid being influenced by any lobbyist in his decisions. I also think there should be a term limit on congress, a congress person who stays in office too long become entrenched in one way of thinking and will have a hard time being innovative and or creative in coming up with new solutions / ideas. They become too comfortable and they choose to keep the status quo over trying to improve our country.

I guess the majority of those in congress have never been poor or had to live on minimum wage or been on a low fixed income. This makes it hard for any of them to truly relate to the common citizen they represent. Maybe they should be paid minimum wage and try to pay rent and afford food. Then they could truly understand how it is for most of their voters. I guess I cant blame some of them for supporting the rich since they themselves are rich and you always take care of your own. They complain about Obama wanting to take from the rich and give to the poor but its ok for them to take away from the poor’s benefits to give tax breaks to the rich. They are ok with redistribution of wealth as long as its going to the rich and coming from the poor. I don’t want the rich mans money, I just want him to stop stealing mine. So many times they raise prices and make record profits as they cut workers benefits if not lay them off. I just think there should be some accountability for the unfair practices that the big businesses use.


Just my 2 cents worth, Right or wrong it is what it is.

Raymond Barbier

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