If you have learned from the mistakes and wrongs that you have committed

013Self Forgiveness is a big part of finding happiness and peace of mind. If you can not find forgiveness for the mistakes you have made in your past then you will never be able to live in the present. Your mind will be stuck in the past wondering what went wrong or what could you have done different. If you wronged a person you should seek forgiveness from them, even if they will not forgive you, you have done all you can to make amends. Then you should forgive yourself for the wrong you have done and pray that they one day will forgive you. If it was mistakes made or the person is no longer available to ask for forgiveness then forgive yourself and pray to be forgiven as well. The main thing is if you have learned from the mistakes and wrongs that you have committed in your past and to you have remorse as well. But after forgiving yourself the remorse should be left behind along with any wrong committed.

Self forgiveness and the forgiveness of others are the way of a kind heart and a compassionate mind.
Ray Barbier

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