What defines us as a species

bnf0429We are only human, we fall, we fail, we stumble and we make loads of mistakes. We are only human, we get back up, we try again, we offer a helping hand to others, we forgive we also overcome many shortcomings. Though we as a species have many failings we also have so many great attributes and such potential. We can not allow the times we fail to be what defines us, we should make the times we succeed, overcome and prevail what defines us as a species. We should never look down on another person for mistakes or shortcomings because we could have easily been that person or in the same situation as them. Be it at work, school or just at home we must remember we all are human and are prone to make mistakes from time to time. Not one person can be perfect nor can they succeed all of the time.

We shouldn’t gossip or bad talk each other, one day you could need the help of the person you gossip about or disrespect and they just might not be there to help because of how you treated them. They probably will be there, because most humans are compassionate and forgiving in nature but there are some that are not.

Just some thoughts to ponder on.
Ray Barbier


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