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Just some Thoughts on a Friday night 9-21-12

026Smile, be at peace with yourself, your family, your friends and even those who choose to be your enemies. For we all are human and are prone to be imperfect in thought, emotion and action. We all have problems and we all have our shortcomings as well. We should remember how hard life is for ourselves when we look at others and begin to judge. For the bible teaches how we judge others is how we too will be judged in the end time. So if you must judge do so with compassion, understanding and mercy. It is so easy to point a finger or cast blame on others especially when it keeps your own faults hidden.

Worry not about what others think about you, say about you or try to accuse you of. Just worry about your words, actions and how you treat others. For what is truth always is revealed and you will be remembered by how you treat others.

just some Thoughts on a Friday night

Ray Barbier

What defines us as a species

bnf0429We are only human, we fall, we fail, we stumble and we make loads of mistakes. We are only human, we get back up, we try again, we offer a helping hand to others, we forgive we also overcome many shortcomings. Though we as a species have many failings we also have so many great attributes and such potential. We can not allow the times we fail to be what defines us, we should make the times we succeed, overcome and prevail what defines us as a species. We should never look down on another person for mistakes or shortcomings because we could have easily been that person or in the same situation as them. Be it at work, school or just at home we must remember we all are human and are prone to make mistakes from time to time. Not one person can be perfect nor can they succeed all of the time.

We shouldn’t gossip or bad talk each other, one day you could need the help of the person you gossip about or disrespect and they just might not be there to help because of how you treated them. They probably will be there, because most humans are compassionate and forgiving in nature but there are some that are not.

Just some thoughts to ponder on.
Ray Barbier

Focus more on the light within each other instead of the shadows

65242I have noticed that most people tend to find it easy to point out the faults and shortcomings of others. The funny part most of the time the faults they point out in others they usually have themselves. I guess as a humans we tend to hate characteristics in others that we despise or fear of having within ourselves. To be perfectly honest, I believe the only one we have the right to judge or criticize is our own selves. We are far from perfect and fall short of the glory of god as much as the next person and all sin is equal except for blaspheme of the holy spirit. So no sinner is greater or lesser than the next and all can be saved and forgiven. Point is we are all equal in having faults and shortcomings so why bother pointing out the obvious in others when we should tend to our own. If you insist on judging others just remember that the way you judge others is the way you will be judged. So judge with compassion and understanding as well as with a forgiving heart so you too will receive the same mercy. If we would only focus more on the light within each other instead of the shadows and dark spots we would be a far better species and a much happier world. I guess I am nothing but a dreamer with an optimistic view. Just one of my shortcomings I guess, but its one I tend to like within myself.


Do not hesitate to express your love to others and fear not rejection for it isn’t as bad as loneliness.

Raymond Barbier