For the students of today are the leaders, inventors and visionaries of tomorrow.

No child left behind, a step forward for some and a heavy load to others. To put those who are mentally challenged into the main stream classes is a novel and good idea as long as it does not hinder the education of any other student. The idea is a sound idea if it is implemented in a fashion that both does not discriminate nor hinder the education of the student body. At this time I have heard comments stating that the no child left behind program has some problems that need to be addressed. The question is how do we bring the mentally challenged up to speed or at least a reasonable level of learning without holding back the rest of the class? The benefits the Mentally Challenged receive can be quite beneficial to them. I am all for no child left behind for the most part but i am concerned about the problems with the program that has yet to be addressed. What is the solution to the problems that no child left behind is facing, I am not sure for that is something better left to the educators and government to figure out and fix. All I will say is the education of our youths should be the first and highest priority to both our state and federal governments. For the students of today are the leaders, inventors and visionaries of tomorrow.

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