Special Talents

Every person has special talents and or gifts that either were bestowed upon them at birth or learned as they went through life. Each individual is unique even though they are a part of the collective consciousness. The mistake most people make is to either ignore their talents and gifts or not try to develop and refine them. The exceptional few are usually the ones who become leaders of one sort or another. I am here to tell you anyone can excel if they can pin point their natural and developed talents. Once you discover which talents you have then you should focus on the ones that you like doing and are exceptional at.

  Many don’t try to use their talents due to fear of failure. Failure is not something one should fear, due to the fact it is through failure one can learn how to succeed. By finding what did and did not work you can make a better plan for the next attempt. Sometimes it takes multiple tries before you find the correct formula to succeed.  Do not fall pray to the get rich schemes and M.L.M. scams out there though someone gets rich off them but it isn’t you its the guy who created the scam. Far as things as THE Secret etc. that is just positive thinking put to a mystical theme. Yes positive thinking does aid in success but you don’t have to buy into any of those supposed success systems to utilize it. Though Being rich is not what i see as ultimate happiness but being financially secure is a part of it in this modern world.

To give the world a piece of you through your talents is a noble and worthwhile endeavor. To become Financially secure while doing so is a plus most of us could use and enjoy. Money brings neither happiness nor grief just what we do with our money can affect our happiness. Happiness is something only you can give to yourself and only you can take  it away or allow others to do the same.

Verum Peto