Stargate SG-1

Farewell to yet another Sci-Fi Channel show. Seems every time they get a real good show they cancel it. Though I will give them credit for keeping Stargate SG1 on so long. Stargate Atlantis is a good show but until this lame and last season of SG1 it didn’t quite measure up. Is it just me or is SG1’s last season filled with thrown together plot lines? until this episode it quite bored me and wasn’t anyway connected to the the plot line where they left off next season except for maybe 1 or 2 episodes.  Well next week they are having a all week long sg1 marathon, so if you didn’t buy the DVD’s get your VCR’s out or the DVD-R and record away. Next Friday will be the finally so hopefully it will stack up to their usual level. Well if not then not. And yes I really miss Richard Dean Anderson on the show, when he left I knew it would come to an end sooner than later. At least Stargate Atlantis has improved allot so it gives a a little of a consolation prize. Farewell Stargate Sg1 and thanks for the great seasons. 🙂

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