Have Faith in Your Government?


  In the world we live in today it is very hard to have blind faith in those we choose to represent us in congress. The days of apple pie and patriotic citizens with no worries is dead and gone. The world we live in is full of terrorism, corruption and business funded politics. I understand that it is money that makes a nation work but when the people who are the main consumers and suppliers of the labor are left out to dry shows me the system is broken. More and more businesses are outsourcing to foreign countries due to the fact they can pay pennies on the dollar for labor elsewhere. But don’t you think they are overlooking the fact if all the work is done by foreigners that the Americans that were the consumers will be unemployed and unable to buy the products no matter how cheap they may be. On top of that you have companies hiring illegal aliens instead of legal aliens & citizens to do work here in the united states. Some claim most jobs that illegal aliens do are the ones Americans don’t desire to do which is nonsense. And the so called unemployment rate can not be accurate if it is only based on the benefits paid out to unemployed. There are many who do not or can not claim unemployment benefits.

 There is allot the government does not reveal to the public and it has always been that way. Even though we are a nation that was founded on the phrase “We the People of the United States of America” our nation is closer to the phrase “We the Rich and Powerful of the United States of America”.  Needles to say I am not too impressed with the current president or his policies or the lack of action by our congress. I had just recently found out that now they are planning on trying to take on the talk radio shows. Even though I do not always agree with the talk radio folk I do believe in their rights to have and voice there own opinions. I believe it was called freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Well the only faith I have in our government is the fact that they will tax the middle class and poor and give tax shelters to the rich. Besides that , not much faith in any of them up in Washington D.C. . Don’t get me wrong, I love this great nation I live in and all of its freedoms. Just slowly I watch the freedoms be striped away from the average Joe as the powerful and rich gain even more. Such is life in this world we live in and all nations have some if not all these problems or even more.

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