Truth,Responsibility and The Average Joe

AN157  It seems it may be time for mankind to take responsibility for all we have done. No longer are we allowed to make mistakes over and over and claim ignorance. We are a Intelligent species in general and we are more than aware of the damage and destruction we leave in our wake. All for progress, convenience  and greed we lay waste to the natural resources and to the earth. The Child called man is a child no more and we should act as the adults we are instead of trying to hide behind excuses and misdirecting lies and partial truths. Both the Governments and news media throw so much spin on the truth you never know what is true or what is hype. Misdirection is the philosophy of modern politics and News agencies. Very few ever tell us all the facts only pieces of of the facts out there to keep us from knowing the whole truth. I am not going to go into conspiracy theories or big brother ideology, I am just stating there is very few if any in the news media and in government that i would trust. There may be a few whom we could trust, I just haven’t found one as of yet that tells nothing but the truth. I probably will never find one in my lifetime and I find it sad that is a truth i must face.

  The politicians, news media, religious leaders and corporations of the world should be held accountable for their actions and words. If they can not keep their word and are negligent then they should be impeached, fired and or ran out of town. Its pretty sad when the average Joe in America who barely makes above minimum wage has to bail out the banks, financial giants, airlines and the auto companies via taxes. And soon we will indirectly pay for the B.P. oil disaster thanks to the raising of the oil disaster relief fund the congress is trying to pass. But still no National Healthcare for us who can not afford it. I would rather my taxes pay to heal someone than bail out companies that are failing due to the greed and or negligence of their C.E.O.’s. And these same companies are hiring more and more people overseas to work cheap and that takes money and jobs from Americans.

Enough Ranting for now


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