Rambling on about Cataclysms

  Why is it we seem to be self focused? The world according to ourselves is what matters it seems. We long for compassion and understanding but rarely show either to our fellow humans. Sadly most humans would loose their sense of morality if a great cataclysm where to befall our world. Though a few would still stand above the masses and be compassionate and or humane. Seems Society is only civilized in times of peace and normalcy. If food grows short or water supplies then we tend to go into survival mode and ignore the needs of others and look out only for ourselves and our loved ones.

Katrina in New Orleans showed both the dark side and the good side of mankind. Looting, hording and scamming happened but so did community co-operation along with some compassion towards each other. I guess their is hope for mankind in the end but there would be a struggle between the selfish power mongers and the compassionate community minded peoples. Lets just pray that the better qualities of mankind will prevail if a cataclysmic event were to befall our world.

Though I may come off a bit uncertain I really am optimistic about mankind and our ability to rise to the occasion when needed. My biggest worry is that if something cataclysmic were to happen we would have no type of authority and or infrastructure to sustain the population and we would see mass starvation and chaos. Our governments are not even close to being prepared for food shortages or severe droughts. I believe local governments should have plans for such emergencies along with state and federal government. Its the Citizens of the nations that financially support the governments and provide the labor to manufacture goods along with grow/raise the food. So the government should be looking out for the citizens well being.

  I also think each and every one of us also should be prepared for possible emergency situations by keeping water and extra dry goods and non perishables. Also would be a good idea to keep what medical supplies you can purchase on hand too. Though I am a pacifist i might go as far to say make sure you have a few weapons to protect you and your family. In times of crisis there always a few people who may want to hurt others.

Well Enough Said For Now

Peace to all

Healthy Pizza Recipe


For those parents who are forever seeking ways to feed their children healthy food, this will be a great solution you can add to your secret bag of tricks.  Every kid loves pizza and there is no reason they have to know just how healthy our pizza recipe is.  You know and that’s all that matters.  Besides being scrumptious, the whole family can build individual pizzas to their own liking, adding fun to health.  The more you can create associations of "tasty" and "fun" to healthy eating, the better.  Here is how you do it.

Putting the word "healthy" into pizza starts with the crust.  Most standard pizzas your kids are eating is full of nutritionally useless white  gluey flour.  Did you know that white flour spikes blood sugar faster than white sugar?  That makes white flour very addictive.  The fast alternative is using whole grain pita shells.  All grocery stores should carry them in the bread area.  They are a perfect size for making individual pizza masterpieces. Look for the thin ones, they have half the calories than the thick ones, 70 calories compared to about 150 calories. 

Now you may have to take some searching and reading the ingredients time to find better food for your family to eat.  But before you know it you will familiarize yourself with a whole new part of the grocery store.  It’s worth the effort.  If you cannot find the thin type of whole grain pita shells, don’t panic, the more common thicker ones will work just fine.  Just make sure they are whole grain. 

Pizza Sauce
Canned pizza sauce can be found on the shelf beside the spaghetti sauce.  Again, read the ingredients.  Try to find a brand that is not full of unpronounceable chemicals and oil, unless it is olive oil, preferably, extra virgin olive oil. 

If your really ambitious, you can always make your own pizza sauce.  Blend five Roma tomatoes with two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, and season with salt, garlic and Italian Spice, to taste.    To be honest, we just use the canned stuff.

May I introduce you to goats cheese.  A goat’s digestive system is much closer to ours than a cow’s, therefore their milk is more digestible for humans.  And yes, you can buy mozzarella goats cheese.  If you don’t tell them nether will I.  The stuff tastes great!  There is also soy cheese, but again read the ingredients.  Just because it’s soy doesn’t mean it’s healthy. 

If you absolutely must use regular cheese, go easy on it.  Buy stronger tasting cheese, like cheddar so you can use less.  Parmesan is great too because a little goes a long way.

Now we get to the fun stuff.  I am going to give you a list of great pizza toppings but I am sure you can think of many more.  You can put just about anything on pizza, creating a mélange of unique flavors and bright color.  You can dice your toppings large or small.  The rule of thumb is strong flavored toppings like onion, garlic and hot pepper should be diced finely, were tomato or mushroom can be sliced.

Here is our top ten list:
black & green olives
all types of peppers
soy pepperoni
feta cheese

Building and Baking
Prepare all the toppings ahead of time .  Preheat oven to 450 Fahrenheit. Have the pitas laid out on cookie sheets, two will fit per sheet.  You can fit two sheets in your oven.  Allow the family to build their own pizza’s, ladies before gentlemen.  Bake for 10 to 15 minutes or until cheese is melted.  Expect demands for seconds!
Suggestions: I like a little cheese under and on top of my toppings, it helps hold the mountain together.

For more healthy recipes grab this cookbook  “Whole Foods & Healing Recipes – by:Ron Lagerquist”  from http://www.freedomyou.com/o.aspx