te00003  Responsibility, the one thing most of us either avoid or try to deflect to others. For every action you take and every thought you have had you are solely responsible for any outcome and or result from said actions and thoughts. Each person has free will and therefore must be responsible for the choices they make. Being responsible is to accept the blame and the credit for what you have done and for the results from your actions. If you go through life blaming others for your own mistakes you will never learn to overcome the faults within yourself.

  To be responsible for your actions and thoughts is not to beat yourself up over past mistakes, it is to recognize that you have made those mistakes and to try and learn from the experience. It also means you should try and make up for those mistakes if not repair some of the damage caused by them. Once you have accepted responsibility and did what you could to make amends for your mistakes then it is time to forgive yourself for the mistakes made and remember them so not to repeat them.

  We also can be responsible for things when we chose not to act, because when you choose not to act you also are taking an action by ignoring the problem at hand. We are also responsible for any influence we have on the actions others may do, So the words you speak and the words you write can influence others. Just remember to think before you speak or write and you should not have any worries about being a negative influence.

All of this is not to be seen as an attempt to make anyone feel guilty, This is more to try and get those who read it to think about their actions, thoughts and words. If only the companies,press/media and the governments of this world would take responsibility for their own words, thoughts and actions then maybe we would be able to live in a better world than we do now.

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