E.T. and U.F.O.’s, Ratings booster or Disclosure Precursor

GPN-2000-000933    I don’t know if you have noticed or not on how much that television and other medias have been pushing 2012 and extra terrestrial programming on us as of late. It almost leads me to believe the conspiracy theories out there about U.F.O.’s and how the governments are hiding the truth. Maybe its just good entertainment or maybe it is that the conspiracy theories are correct and there is going to be a disclosure about that fact in the near future. With the fact that a former defense minister of Canada claiming that some governments have had communications with E.T.’s can make one wonder if its all real or if he is just a kook.(can find video of it on YouTube or look for it here on my blog posted)

So I guess only time will tell if some T.V. exec thought it was good entertainment to push the E.T. programs on if it is a media precursor to disclosure on their actual existence. Personally I believe there is a good chance there is life on other planets and maybe even intelligent life. To be so vain and arrogant to believe we are the only life in such a vast universe is just plain illogical.

Who knows, The future is unwritten

  I view the world from many different perspectives only to find that even with all the deceit and sadness in this world there is still plenty of truth and hope to be found. I watch hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados and many other disasters come and destroy all in their paths. Then I see people get together to rebuild and support one another. It goes to show you that mankind still has a ray of hope and goodness within us. Of course there are always those who take advantage of the disaster for their own ill gains, but this is a small percent of the whole. There are always a few bad seeds in every community that one must be aware of. Even some of those you would think are bad seeds have proven to be good at heart in times of need. No soul is beyond redemption is my belief and I have seen so many bad seeds find the right path in the end.

The future may be uncertain for mankind but I am confident we will pull together to survive what ever comes our way. Be it here on earth, in space or under the oceans we will survive. since we are the most adaptive and one of the most intelligent species on this planet. As intelligent as a species as we are it still baffles me how we still kill each other because of religious , political and social differences. Maybe one day we will grow up enough to see how foolish it is to fight wars and kill each other. Who knows, The future is unwritten and mankind is constantly growing and learning each day that passes. I just hope mankind wont wait till it is too late to grow up and see the right path to follow.

Democrats and republicans alike are to blame

gr03   Why does it seem only the greedy and narrow minded seem to get into positions of power? Even when you have a visionary in office the rest of the government seems to stop any true progress far as the progress towards bettering the world we live in.  I hear so much anti Obama rhetoric in the news and via the internet stating how Obama is the cause of all the ills of this world. When in fact the U.S. government does not run as a dictatorship it is a government based on democracy. The Senate and the House of Representatives are the two governing bodies that write the bills and shape most of our policies here in the U.S.. The president may be commander and chief but he must go through congress in order to achieve his or her goals. The president does have veto power but even that can be overridden by congress. 

  Sure go ahead and blame Obama, But remember to blame the whole of congress both democrats and republicans alike. Though the republicans will claim innocence but they too play there part. Choosing not to act or be a part of the process they too are responsible for the bills passed. If they just could get over the party system long enough they might be able to work together to make a bill or two that is both beneficial and not full of ear marks. Democrats and republicans alike are to blame for the mess our country is in. The republican years in the white house has lead us to our financial state as well as the democrats who didn’t oppose or try and safe guard those bills passed that kept our financial institutions from acting responsibly in the past.

I really love how the republicans state how democrats are putting the nation in debt when many of the bills and legislation the republicans proposed and passed has wasted just as much of the tax payers dollars. I really think there should be term limits on a congressional seat so new blood and ideas can flow into our federal government. When they are in power too long they seem to loose their perspective and forget it is we the people they represent not their personal views or opinions. I am kind of glad to see that this is turning out to be more of a anti incumbent election year than a anti-democrat or anti-republican. We need fresh and new ideas in the congress. To put it in a nutshell not one party or the other is more or less responsible for the state our country is in at the moment. Both parties have participated in the creation of our present state and are equally responsible.

   If you want change you have to make it happen.  Write your congressman, make petitions, peacefully protest for or against that you believe in. Most importantly become active in your local and federal governments by voting and lobbying for your causes. If we are not active in the politics of our day then we are just as responsible for the outcome. If I am to be responsible for any outcome it will be one of my own choice not that of someone else’s.


Well that’s enough Ranting for now.


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