Current Personal News – 9/21/2010


  It is quite sobering when you get a call from an older sibling whom always done well financially and was the one that was always frugal and responsible with money asking you for help because times are hard for him. I never foreseen the day I would be the one to help support my brother. It has shattered my view on life to a degree and makes me open my eyes up even more to the financial problems so many face today in this downward trending economy. Being a carpenter at trade limits my brother in jobs he can find that pays due to the slowing house market the lack of money for home owners to hire remodelers and contractors.

Though money is tight for me as well I will of course help my brother until he finds stable work for that is what family does. I now am praying for him to find work and regain the confidence he has lost. It is so hard for him to be in a financial bind like this, he always could find away in the past but this time he is at rock bottom due to the slow job market.

Well just had to get those thoughts out there to regain my sense of order in my life.
Peace as always
R. Barbier

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